Bhau – 20 Oct 13 (Trust via MULe)

Bhau – 20 Oct 13 (Trust via MULe)
Date: Sunday, 20th October 2013
Subject: Bhau Health Update

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Dearest Bhauji is still in the ICU of Jehangir Hospital in Pune. On Sunday, 13th October, he had a tracheotomy (surgery for incision in the neck for breathing tube), and he remains on the ventilator.

An infection has recurred and another course of IV antibiotics has been resumed. The NG (feeding) tube is still in place.

Since Thursday, 17th October, Bhauji has been sleeping and has not opened his eyes. The doctors have said today that he is conscious and is not in a coma or semi-coma.

This weekend, daughter Sheela, son-in-law David, son Mehernath and daughter-in-law Raj are all there with their most beloved father and father-in-law, and Maha/Rama [Bhau’s wife] has just returned to Ahmednagar from her visit with him.

May Beloved Baba have His loving Nazar on Bhauji and his family, and on all of Baba’s worldwide family!

Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust
Sunday, 20th October 2013


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