Riff of 12 Jan 14

Practice Update

Yesterday, 11 Jan 2014, I broke a 9-day fast that I had begun two days before leaving MPR, with a coconut that I bought on the street. around here a coconut is not an object, it is a service. It’s either “eating” or “drinking.” “Drinking” means choosing a young coconut that hasn’t really developed any meat yet, and she chops a hole in it, and you drink it through a straw. Very nutritious. “Eating” means means she chooses a mature coconut with a hard shell and meat inside, chops a hole in it, you drink the little depleted water there is in it, and give it back to her. She then spits it in half and pries the meat free from the shell and hands it back to you. Rs. 30 please. I chose “eating” because I was seriously missing electrolytes and fiber.

During this fast, I started out supplementing with Chyawanaprash and Mahasudarshan Kadha in Maharashtra, and then in Tamil Nadu gradually moved to a combination of single herbs: amla*, brahmi*, spirolina, barley grass, and what may be the most important ingredient of all – morning coffee. Everybody here drinks coffee.

In general, they have a better idea of what actually works in medicine here, herbal medicine is taken for granted and abundantly available, and it’s easier to find what you want and what works.

The next fast started immediately after said coconut incident. I like 9 days, 9 belongs to the Mother, and I’m on a roll.

*Amla is turbo-C with added antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

**Brahmi is a nervine that enhances conscious awareness.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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