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Above is a picture of page four of a metaphysical document in Meher Baba’s own handwriting, written in 1925-26, with some added notes by yours truly. The manuscript was translated into Marathi and published in India as In God’s Hand. I doubt that it is available in the West. The manuscript is 39 pages long, and it has become my bible because it is the most elegant explanation of my actual experience that I have ever found, and it points the way forward for me.

In God’s Hand was written for conscious spiritual aspirants. In 1925-26, Meher Baba was gathering His circle, and that’s who was eligible for that – people who had searched and worked for, and loved God for a long time, and who had done that on purpose. It is full of keys to the View that leads directly to advancement on the Path, but you’ll never see them in a million years if you’re not actually consciously and deliberately practicing anything when you read it. In God’s Hand contains all the information in God Speaks and more. This is what that information looks like when you’re already on the Path. Although it does not contain all the information in Infinite Intelligence, in which it is included, it does contain everything in Infinite Intelligence that pertains to Sadhana in general. The other detailed information in Infinite Inteligence is critical, but without the Great View presented in In God’s Hand, there’s absolutely nothing whatsoever of benefit that you can do with those details.

“In God’s Hand” was NOT written for the members or leaders of a culture which routinely says of itself, both individually and collectively, things like “I don’t know anything, and I don’t want to know anything,” “I do not want God-Realization,” “I don’t have a Path,” “We’re just His broken-down furniture,” and “Those who say don’t know, and those who know don’t say.”

“In God’s Hand” was written specifically for me as an individual. I am probably the only person in what flaunts itself as the western Meher Baba Community, whether in or out of India, who can honestly say that. If there are others, I’d like to meet you.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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  1. davidrisrael says:


    you write, “The manuscript was translated into Marathi and published in India as In God’s Hand. I doubt that it is available in the West.”

    FYI, there was also an English-language edition published in America by Naosherwan Anzar via Beloved Archives, Inc. (2000). The publishing reference reads: “In God’s Hand: Explanations of Spirituality in Meher Baba’s Own Hand, published by Beloved Archives (East Windsor, New Jersey) in 2000.” This work was printed by Sheriar Press (Myrtle Beach).

    The book appears to be currently generally out of circulation (I believe it had formerly been available via booksellers such as Sheriar Books and Meher Baba Books; but now neither online bookstore lists the work). I do notice a single used copy currently on (at a rather high price, and with three laudatory reviews by readers who, like yourself, found much to like in the work). However, the work is still listed as (evidently) available through Searchlight (at a price of $30 for the hardbound volume), as noted here:

    In 2011, an eBook version of the published English edition was also created and net-published by the Avatar Meher Baba Trust, and that (along with other works by Meher Baba) can be viewed or downloaded from the Trust Online Library here:

    If you have not seen the English-language version, you might find of interest some of the materials that it contains. The eBook edition is presented as two separate PDF files. The first includes a several-page prefatory Introduction by the editors. The second includes a Supplement, Key to Pronunciation, Glossary, and two Appendices. Appendix 1 painstakingly presents Gujarati text (with transliteration) found on some later pages of the handwritten MS.

    The Supplement, which covers more than 50 pages (and which comprises most of Part 2 of the eBook edition), offers a bit of background about Meher Baba’s handwritten manuscript, and proceeds to transcribe and annotate the entire manuscript (including transliterations & translations of Gujarati or Devanagari words that appear from time to time in Meher Baba’s English handwritten text). For instance, the page and diagram you focus on in your post here appears in the Supplement as page 12 of Part 2 in the eBook edition PDF.

    I’m guilty of not having given this work adequate attention or study, so will not offer my own stray impressions. Your observations are interesting. (The only two people whom I happen to know to have studied this work in full detail are Ward Parks and Ira Deitrick. Of course Ward was, I believe, among the editors of the published work. No doubt there might be other devotees of Meher Baba who are assiduous students of this text, which has been available in the English edition for well over a decade, as noted.)

    Jai Baba,

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