Of the Trust’s New Rules for Term and Age Limits for Trustees

I have archived the whole text of this excellent document, which was published in AMBPPCT’s January snail mail newsletter, here: Term and Age Limits on Trustees – AMBPPCT

Frankly, I never expected anything this radical out of them. It's a complete departure from the family paradigm – "The Chairman is our father and our Guru! The crazier he gets, the more we agree, because that's how they test us, don't you know?" – that resulted in the ongoing and perpetually ramifying administrative disaster that was Bhau Kalchuri's reign as the Chairman of the Trust.

There is no perfect set of rules, and if the people are corrupt, they'll corrupt the rules, first order of business, but one thing is for sure: this set will produce radical change very fast, for better or worse.

Two Trustees are up for re-election in every year between now and 2017, just for an example. One of them is the current Chairman, Shridar Kelkar, who is up for re-election in 2016. That means he was elected with a weak mandate. Two years is not enough time to accomplish anything real, starting from where the Trust is today.

But as short as Shridar is, Mehernath is shorter: he's up for re-election in February of next year. If he is re-elected, he will attack a weak Chairman and go for the Chairmanship himself the next year when Shridar is up for re-election. That's probably one of the reasons why he and his family got panic attacks about my post When Does its Tail Stop Twitching, which pointed out the history of this attempt by the Kalchuris to put Mehernath in the Chairmanship.

But somehow, I just can’t see Motormouth being re-elected next year, even with a weak Chairman. That the Trustees are not yet ready for a real Chairman doesn’t mean that they will tolerate Mehernath any more. But it’s finally in God’s hands. If Mehernath is out in Feb. 2015, I will probably return to Meherabad in October of that year, but not before then in any event.

((editing on 15 Feb 13 – On further consideration, I would like to put in a real plug for Shridar Kelkar, the current Chairman of AMBPPCT, and whom I already seriously supported in that most legendary of all posts, When Does its Tail Stop Twitching. Kelkar also published a statement in the current (January 2014) Trust newsletter, and I’m starting to get a better sense of him.

Kelkar is everything that Motormouth is not, he’s reserved and acts like an actual devotee of Meher Baba, and I think he has no delusions about the difficulties that the Trust is in the midst of. But more than anything else, he is a gentleman – reserved, thoughtful, kind. He must have the support of the majority of the trustees, or he wouldn’t be the Chairman at this critical stage. And it is inevitable that this kind of person will be attacked by Mehernath. It’s quite likely that the real reason for his recent stupid soap opera about me was more about my support of Kelkar than anything else. I was most definitely the first one in the community that came out in favor of him in public, and I will continue to do that through the next year until Mehernath’s election next February and beyond.

Mehernath is nothing if not a drama queen. That’s all he finally knows how to be, and I am sure that he will trot out his whole weather machine about his up-coming election, and nobody needs this. We need saliks and gentlemen, not drama queens and mana’s boys trying hard, on that Board. – vshr))

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

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