Dream Direction From Manija

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all! May all the snakes be driven from the Ireland that is yours.

I had this dream from Meher Baba’s sister Mani this morning, and it contains what I consider to be binding direction, so I decided to share it, and this is the appropriate place to do it because this is the site that I have which is about AMBPPCT, which is the burden of Mani’s current direction to me.

But first, the story. As soon as I write “Mani,” you know there has to be a story tangled on to the subject, no? This dream happened between 4:00 and 5:00 this morning. 0200 to 0400 is when the demons prowl this planet, and since I need a demon-free vibratory environment, I often have to be “on duty” during those hours, and this was true this morning. So at 0400, I went back to bed, thinking that I would at least get an hour of sleep before my usual rising time of 0500. But then this dream happened.

In the dream, I had a shrine-room with glass walls, and it was on one of the upper stories of a huge futuristic structure like a mega-mall, in which many of the walls were transparent, and the basic structural elements were of hardened corrosion-proof metal. And I was coming in the morning to open up the shrine-room, which had been locked up for the night, and as I approached the door from the east, looking through the glass walls, I could see that there was Manija with some of her usual associates on the walk-way on the other side of the shrine-room. Mani had stopped to examine my work, and basically it was what she expected and approved of (It was full of divine and sacred images as are my web-sites and my house), but there was one display that had caused her to knit her brows, and it was pictures of dogs. I didn’t even know that there were dogs in my shrine-room, but there they were, and Mani disapproved.

So I went to open the door, thinking that I would go through the shrine-room to where Mani was standing on the outside, and mug “What?” to her through the glass walls. But suddenly there was Mani inside the shrine-room, immediately inside the door, watching me fumble the job of opening the door, because there was Mani suddenly in my face, and suddenly I just douldn’t find the right key. So I finally did get the door open, and went with her over to the offending dogs, which as it turned out, weren’t there anymore. What was there was space-holder graphics like blank avatar images online, just outlines of shadows of dogs. Those weren’t acceptable either, so I took them down, leaving empty space. Only then was Mani happy with my shrine-room, which of course, is symbolic of my heart. We’re not going to go into what the dogs were about, please, because they’re not there anymore.

But before leaving me, Mani said, ” I suppose you’ll have to tithe to come up with a membership contribution.” And I said, “Yes,” because that’s true of me, because I’m so distractible. If I don’t make that kind of conscious committment, the contributions just won’t happen. But what was the membership she was talking about? She was talking about my relationship with the Trust, which is her legacy as well as Meher Baba’s, and she was calling me to responsibility for my relationship with her personally.

Mani is my Murshid, which means Guide. In this dream she was functioning as the Chief of my spirit guardians, most of whom are Buddhist Dharma Protectors. I don’t use the feminine “Murshida” for her because she’s not a woman, and she’s not human. She’s a Perfect Master, and she was already God-Realized when I first met her in 1969. Bhau apparently said that she has already taken rebirth, and I don’t know about that, and have not met that individual, but I do know that Mani is there for me as my Murshid, and her spirit presence is real and unmistakable for me, and it is inseparable from that of Meher Baba himself.

So I’m going to start tithing to AMBPPCT, starting next month. This timing is significant, and it also goes back to Bhau. April 1 is when my then-current Indian visa when I was in India last would have run out. Bhauji had approved my staying in India until that day. Bhauji functioned as a Mahasiddha towards me, and what he approved from his deathbed was binding. So although I was forced by political processes to leave before the time approved by Bhauji, there is a real and important dimension in which I will not have left India completely until that time approved by Bhauji, namely and to wit, on or about March 31, 2014.

So then Mani, whose relationship with me is senior to that of Bhauji’s, contacted me in this dream to basically say, “Your relationship (she literally used the word “membership”) with the Trust is from me and through me. This is not up to the Kalchuris, and it doesn’t end with Bhau’s mandate. Your relationship with me is also with the Trust, and it must continue consciously.” Needless to say, my relationship with Mani is not negotiable. I can’t even imagine taking rebirth again in a place where there is not Manija. I am sure she would find out about such an attempt and forbid it.

So I intend to send money to the Trust by Western Express every month starting with the first week of April next. But I need a responsible individual at the Trust to whom I can send the control number by email, so that that individual can then go pick up the money from the Western Express office. I think that, the way Western Express is set up, the remittance actually has to be addressed to that individual, rather than AMBPPCT, that institution. My first guess about that individual would be Dr. Anne, because I know that she is accepting money for the medical projects going forward in Mehernagar, and those are the activities with which I feel the greatest personal affinity. But I am open to suggestion about this. If anyone has ideas or knowledge about this, please advise. My email addresses are: viveshwar’at’yahoo.com and viveshwar’at’gmail.com. (Notice that my email addresses, because they were pre-existing at the time when Bhauji finally gave me the correct spelling of my Dharma name, are different from the way I sign off. It so happens, however, that Indians still recognize this deviant spelling, and know what diety is intended. Indians whose birth name is Vishveshwar have claimed that as their user name at both Yahoo and Gmail, and so be it.)

Jai Meher Baba,

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12 Responses to Dream Direction From Manija

  1. I would follow your blog but I see no follow button. I have a somewhat Baba-related website as well, (rumi-nations.com). strictly speaking it is a Sufi poetry website but my Sufism was Sufism Reoriented and obviously that entails much baba stuff. In fact the last twentyish weekly posts have dealt with Lud dimpfl my old Sufi preceptor and a nonpareil Baba lover (one of the twenty or so of the famous men’s group OF 1954. the last ten or more have dealt with a reposting with my commentary of kendra Crossen’s comments on Lud videos she saw.
    Jai Baba
    Eric Halliwell

    • Vishveshwar says:

      Yes, the never-ending stories, Eric! It reminds me of the old Sufi analogy, “The Mirror was shattered, and each shard became a human heart.” Only the illumined Murshid can put all the hearts back together into a Mirror that is the direct reflection in this world of God’s infinite reality. A piece of work like Dr. James MacKie, who was never anything but just another shard, couldn’t do it. Ditto his girlfriend in the present.

      There are stories that never die, and of them is created a lineage, and from the collective memory of the lineage inevitably is born forth the next actually functioning Murshid, who comes with that Mirror of His own direct perception of God already existing and intact. Such a Mirror is not created from anyone’s heart by any command or any designation, not even that of the previous Pir – rather, it is the direct act of God.

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
      Mike Pettingill / Vishveshwar

      • thanks for the followup. But are yio sure the current Murshid is mackie’s girlfriend? (i had the impression he didn’t swing that way). My only run in with him was while M duce was still alive and I met him at a party in the evening after the sufi meeting when I announced the birthof my son logan sheriar. he came up to me att he party and said, ‘that’s wonderful news, Frank!’ Not much to hang a hat on, but too, not much of a recommendation . . .
        jai baba

  2. oops just found the follow button!
    Eric again

  3. Vishveshwar says:

    In my opinion, having seen him in action in numerous contexts, he was AC-DC, and if he was intimate with anybody, he was intimate with his “secretary,” for sure, and I don’t blame either of them for that. He was full of libido, like charismatic characters tend to be, and she was very beautiful. My only point is that he wasn’t illumined.

    Jai Meher Baba,

    • Vishveshwar says:

      I don’t know what the agenda was of this individual who posted a link to a number of discussions about Dr. James Mackie and Sufism Reoriented, and I haven’t visited those discussions because I have no interest in the subject.

      But what I’d like to address here is how this whole tangent relates to the subject of my post: my relationship with Mani. Mani is my Murshid, that is my Guru, and has been since I met her at Last Darshan in 1969. It has only been in the last several years that she has borne this in on me by some very clear internal guidance and presence. Before that time, I just wasn’t ready.

      In between 1969 and 2014, I spent the better part of 14 years being one of Murshida Duce’s Sufis, but it was a matter of karma and not real spiritual guidance. In other words, being a part of Sufism Reoriented was a case of me keeping company with someone other than my real but unrecognized Murshid, for karmic reasons that I choose not to go into, but suffice it to say that it was necessary.

      I forget the context in which Meher Baba said something to the effect that there is no real relationship with a Guru until the person’s Grace has descended on you. And then, you see, the whole thing has become confidential and secret. If you talk or write about it as I have done here, the only individuals who will understand it are probably those who are very familiar with Meher Baba and/or His sister Manija, or those rare ones in the Avataric cycle who have received the kind of Gurukripa that I’ve been getting from Mani recently.

      Bhaji said that Mani has already taken rebirth. I’ve never met her in her present form and don’t even know if she’s still a woman, but it’s clear that she’s here with us, and working spiritually, albeit perhaps not yet as a Satguru. Bhau himself is utterly gone. He’s gone to Hs eternal reward for sure, but Mani is still with us.

      A bona fide Guru can look like and act like anything at all. This succession of leaders of Sufism Reoriented are supposed to have been Gurus, and perhaps they have been that straight down the line for some. But none of their Grace ever descended on me, so I don’t know about that, and neither do I care. What I do know is that a lot of superficial discussion about them online is a sheer waste of time. All of their canned PR is equally worthless. PR isn’t Grace.

      “Things that are real are given and received in silence.” If we talk about it or write about it afterwards, that’s OK if the intentions were good. But words aren’t facts, and they don’t create facts. Angular attention based on hearsay is what we do until we grow up. It’s like teenage girls screaming and giggling together about the sex they’ve never had. Once they have had sex with someone they love, all the damnable noise ceases. Ditto your relationship with your Murshid.

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

  4. Pingback: Setting the Record Straight; Beginning the 3rd Post-Bhauji Vrat | Mehernagar

  5. Minnie says:

    It seems to me that neither Mani nor Meher Baba would be very pleased with the way you speak of people without their being present to defend themselves. How very petty, unkind and judgmental you are for a person who purports to be spiritual.

    • Vishveshwar says:

      Dearest Minnie,

      You knew when you posted this that I would not agree with you. Are you through? I can assure you that I am not. That community is still controlled by those whom Meher Baba was referring to when he said, “Events will work out such that the hostile group will surround my body.” During this event (live-streaming of the 48th Amartithi) they immediately and seriously tried to hack my machine on the one occasion that I was foolish enough to come out from behind the Tor browser.

      What you’re doing here is not back-biting, and what I’ve done all the way down the line is not back-biting. But the only thing the hostile group does, besides smirking shamelessly as they spit a continuous stream of lies and happy talk, is exactly, precisely, and nothing but vicious back-biting. All parites are present to this. They’re watching and hiding, but they’re present. I have never written one word when they were not present, and you know that, and I suspect that you know very well those of whom and to whom I write – the group of American trust fund brats who are my peers and who first came to Meher Baba at the time of His Last Darsan, and them formed a shadow government which has systematically worked against AMBPPCT and every one of its Chairmen since Mani- i.e. that very same and SO precious group of “longtime Meherabad residents.”

      Their days are numbered, Minnie. Mark my words.

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!
      Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

  6. Minnie says:

    If they are the hostile group that you believe them to be, then I trust that the truth will be revealed in time and you will fell vindicated. I was simply pointing out that it is unkind to talk about people’s sexual orientation and declaring whom they were “intimate with for sure” in the manner that you did. It is gossip whether true or not and Baba has asked us not to do that. If they have publicly maligned you in a similar manner, I would write and say the same thing to those people if you were to provide me with the information as to where this was done.

    Whether these are or were bad people or not, if you want to represent a higher moral viewpoint as you appear to be wanting to do on this site, it is my opinion that you should not speak about people in this manner. You lack credibility.

    • Vishveshwar says:

      Minnie, I don’t recall writing that, and I think you’re just being oversensitive. Intimate doesn’t necessarily mean sexually involved. And I really don’t care about sexual orientation. If you got that from something I wrote, you misinterpreted it. This kind of stuff happens all the time. Words are not that important. Any verbalized thing can be misinterpreted. You can’t understand somebody unless you’re actively trying to intuit what they’re trying to get at, rather than any possible meaning of what they’ve written or said.

      This discussion is now over. I’m sorry, it’s my blog, and when people wander, I dismiss them. You’re dismissed, and Jai Meher Baba.

      Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

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