Kudos to Bhau Team

The following is a true copy of a written record of one of the weekly “Worldwide Baba Family Chat” sessions in Meherabad, that showed up in my mailbox from bhaulist, albeit late with apologies by the unidentified person on duty there. These sessions are descended from Bhau’s weekly chat sessions from Ahmednagar, and for me personally they are irrelevant because I am already on the “innernet.” I guarantee you that I just don’t share the perpetual need for happy talk that is both the inspiration and 99% of the content of these sessions. Sources of greater energy and inspiration than that activity are just like the lights and stars in the sky for me, on any given day or night.

However, I appreciate this particular document because it means that somebody had the sense to write a record. Why did Meher Baba have a whole series of secretaries, and his sister Mani, make a perpetual and ongoing written record, not only of his own personal activities, but of everything that transpired around Him as well?

For me, this kind of record is important in the present because it starts to break down Mehernath’s strangle-hold on the flow of information out of Mehernagar to the world. It provides ways to contact individual residents in Meherabad apart from official AMBPPCT channels of communication that may be monitored and corrupted by him. And as a record, it is far more useful than that whole dysfunctional and band-width eating heap of recorded webcasts. Said pile is dysfunctional because when people view it, quite apart from the perfectly idiot amount of time it takes to do that, they just get sucked right back into the happy-talk-dependent psychology, and simply forget whatever administrative analytic need may have been involved in intiating that activity in the first place. And I am sorry, but yes, there most definitly are administrative analytic needs in an institution that has been dominated by the activities of a corrupt Trustee, and that will be true for the duration.

Oh, and hey, did I mention transparency yet?

Jai Meher Baba
Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, 17 Apr 14

        Bhau Team
        Today at 12:10 AM

Subject: Last Week’s Worldwide Baba Family Chat Annct.
Date:  Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Dear Folks,

Queen of New York from Chicago (Anna) was very diligent
about sending the following announcement to me in plenty 
of time to relay it to the dear ones.

Unfortunately, tamasha was reigning chez Shiva and it 
fell between the cracks.  ((tamasha means
(typically unconscious) drama and/or chaos, and Shiva is
the very attractive Iranian lady on Bhau Team who tends
to be most on top of Web issues.   Tamasha is a very
popular Indian activity, and if you're going there, you
should ask Khuda aka God aka Meher Baba, to hard-wire His
best tamasha detector directly on to your brain stem.
This is required equipment for pilgrims to Meherabad
anymore, right up there with your hat, your water bottle,
and your travelers' checks.  Translation from the
Hinglish:  'Shiva was being distracted by issues which
will only become worse if I mention them specifically.'
 - vshr))

My deepest apologies, and hope that I will be more 
diligent in the future.  ((Only Mother C could have 
written that. -vshr))


Last Sunday, 13th April, we felt very privileged to have 
Bapu Rao as our guest speaker.  Bapu Rao was with Baba 
from 1935 until 1969 and is now 100 years old. 

On 6th April, Moti Ram came as our guest to tell of his
experiences with Baba.  Moti Ram first met Baba when
he was 11 years old.  He told us that when he looked at
Baba’s eyes he felt light coming from Him that affected
him deeply.  The reflection of Baba’s light still seems
to be evident in his face, which all of us felt on
Sunday. He joined Baba, serving Him by serving several of
the mandali, one of the first ones being Chagan Master.
Later, Baba asked Moti Ram to serve with Dr. Donkin.  As
a result of this, Moti Ram assisted Dr. Donkin in his
care of Baba during Baba’s last days before dropping His
body. This included transporting samples from Baba that
needed lab testing to Pune.

Hardeep Hanspal was our guest translator and he had met 
Baba a couple of times himself.  We hope to have him as a
guest speaker to share his story at a future meeting.

In addition to Moti Ram, we again had the joyous singing 
and tabla playing of Madave Kamble, who we discovered 
during Sunday’s meeting, is a relative (cousin) of Sister
Laxmi Kamble, our guest from the previous week. Madave 
again shared with us his wonderful story of sneaking off 
in the middle of the night with his friend, Bapu, to 
watch the Khandoba temple festival, only to find out
their midnight adventure was discovered and reported to
Baba, by the time they returned in the morning. 

Last week our new timing was 5:00 – 8:30 p.m. and we were
really happy that this seemed to allow us more time to 
talk with people on Skype.  In fact, we were so energized 
it felt difficult to bring the meeting to a close, so we 
hope to continue connecting with our Baba family
throughout the world this Sunday!

After opening at 5:00 p.m. (please note the new time) 
with prayers and songs, the guest speaker usually talks
and takes questions from about 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 (now
maybe 7) p.m.  After our interval/break, we have time for
Skype interactions and news, stories, comments and
questions from around the world.

You may join us at the home of Zahra G. in Meher Colony.  
All are welcome and tea will be served. 

You can join in the text Chat and/or watch the webcast 
from anywhere in the world.

Bhau Team
Today at 12:10 AM

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