What is the word PUBLIC doing in the name Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust?

It means that this outfit was designed by its founder Avatar Meher Baba, who happens to have been God, for the record, to be an EXOTERIC institution, established and run under the law of the land, for the benefit of the public and open to public inspection and oversight. The disposition of its real assets, therefore, must not continue to be held in secret. The Trust’s yearly public accounting of income and expenses is not sufficient for the maintenance of its financial integrity. The history of the transfer of real assets to and from the Trust must also be put in the public domain.

There is well-founded suspicion that real assets acquired by the Trust, or built with Trust funding, have been put in the names of private individuals, which if true, constitutes graft and the flouting of Meher Baba’s intention with the Trust. The Trust is from God for all human beings. The diversion of its assets to the private benefit of individuals would be wrong, intolerable and illegal. To prevent the present and ongoing possibility of such corruption, such transactions should be made public in real time, and the history of such transactions should also be traced and published, and if there has been graft, the perpetrators should return the assets they have stolen from both God and humanity, albeit perhaps under the direction of a corrupt Trustee, or face prosecution under the law of the land.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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