The Significance of May 24

24 May is my birthday, and the anniversary of Meher Baba’s terrible automobile accident in Prague, Oklahoma in 1952, when the left side of his body was shattered and Mehera was severely injured. Meher Baba shed his blood on American soil, and said, “America has been after my blood for a long time,” meaning that it was time for America to be directly and physically involved with the Avatar for the first time in many thousands of years. When visiting Mehermount in Southern California, He said that He had been there before. Meher Baba loved America and Americans, and visited America repeatedly in the 1930’s, ’40’s and ’50’s, spending more time in America than in any other country outside India.

I never met Meher Baba when He was in the physical form, but I am part of Meher Baba’s work with America, and I feel that during His work in seclusion, Meher Baba sent me to be born in America on this significant day for his Avataric work. This is a birth that I would never have chosen for myself, but now I’m an American patriot because I have come to understand the importance of America. Meher Baba’s two automobile accidents, in America and India, together with his New Life phase, make up the side of Him that his greater community of devotees just doesn’t want to deal with. It’s not the “dark side,” the Avatar has a dark side, but that’s another human being, no, it’s His straight side, the side that skips the “Don’t worry, Be Happy” bullshit and actually does the critical work for which the Avatar took birth.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

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