Blogging and Life Changes Going Forward

I have just purged this blog of a whole raft of inappropriate and frivilous material including all the material which was offensive to Mehernath Kalchuri.
the bottom line about Mehernath with me anymore is that I find that he has won my trust. I tested Mehernath to the depth of both of our beings, at the cost of several years of my personal well-being and peace, and I find that he has passed the test. The detailed story of the interactions by which Mehernath arrived at the six words by which he passed my test will be my next post. This is a long twisted Mani-esque narrative about Mayavic interference and treachery, and I hope to have drafted it by tomorrow. Parts of it will be difficult to write and difficult to read. Nevertheless, I hope, dear Sangha-members all, whether in the Meher Baba Community, or in the East Asian Dharma Realm, that you will bear with me and endure with me by reading this story, because by doing this you will be enabled to trust me and to trust Mehernath. Trust is of the essence for us all, beloveds. Without trust His Daaman falls off of our hands, our community life withers, and the Avatar’s Manifestation can not go forward in our midst, and furthermore when trust goes, our Refuge with the Buddhasangha goes with it.

I do not give part of my trust, and I do not trust part of a person. A person once having gained my trust is accepted completely and accepted for life. I accept Mehernath at face value. I accept him as a valid Trustee, I finally accept what his father said to me about him, “Mehernath is a good boy.” I will support him to stand for re-election to the Board when his current term expires in February next year, and I will support him to rise to the Chairmanship. I will defend him against exactly the criticisms that I leveled against him in the past, and all other criticisms that may be brought.

Do not imagine, beloveds, that Bhauji gave me the beautiful dharma name Vishveswar to make me into an inflated asshole of galactic pproportions. Nyew, Nyew, nyew, nyew, nyew, nyew, nyew! Please, you demean us all when you perpetrate such slander against Meher Baba’s Beloved John. He gave me that name (or Meher Baba gave it through him if you like) because he knew it for the only thing that could force me to work. This whole drama that I have been through with Bhauji and Mehernath in five pilgrimages over four years has been the most exhaustive and most transformative work that I have ever done, and yes, I did have to be forced to it. Bhau originally gave me the bare name without any power to enact what it meant. Therefore, I blamed every nonsense that resulted on Bhauji, because I was powerless to do anything about it myself.

But on his deathbed, Bhauji finally gave me that power. But then since he was utterly gone, he could not then give me any guidance in how to use that power. So my personality fell apart. I completely lost any sense of limits, which is par for the course in this kind of an omni-directional lineage transmission. Fortunately, most of that did not get expressed outwardly, with the exception of this blog and its predecessor Meherchowk.

When I perceived that I needed guidance without doubt, I sought it through the traditional Buddhist practice of meditation. Preliminary Buddhist meditation, which is where I had to start all over again, practiced by a person who has been competently instructed, is like psychotherapy, but much more fast and effective. After I spent ten days doing that, Mani S. Irani invaded my heart, mind, and aura with her white causal light. That accelerated the process because I could see much more clearly by her light. Mani has given me her Darshan every single day for 30 days. I did not see her form, I did not hear her voice, and Mani has never given me a direct command in the entire history of our relationship. In one single dream, she appeared and simply dropped a hint of what would please her. But in general, only by giving her clear white causal light within does she correct me, and I am ever more utterly hers as my life progresses.

The changes that I have to go through in my personality, to rise to the appropriate demeanor for the muqam to which Bhauji pushed me, will take a year to come to critical mass , and during that time, I will enact another 40-day meditation session every quarter. I will not go to to India during that time. Furthermore, I will never again go to India on pilgrimage. I have already attained every possible fruition of pilgrimage. If I go to India again, it will be about my service. In summary, I now have both the empowerment and the guidance to back the Dharma name Vishveshwar. In dealing with me, therefore, please understand this:

Spiritual empowerment + spiritual guidance = spiritual authority.

Meher Baba has already given me a fresh revelation that must be posted here in English before I translate it to Chinese for my other blog. Because some of you will benefit from that and succeeding dharmic revelations which will be posted to both blogs in their respective languages, I will ultimately be accepted back into the Meher Baba Community, but as what I am destined to increasingly become: a working Buddhist lineage holder in the flesh, and in power and authority so vested. I will accept no less from you.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
Namo Maitreya Buddha
Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, 7 Jul 14

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