A Mouse is Exactly an Abbreviated Lemming

Pity not thy noble lemming, for he has at least his freedom – freedom to fly to his death with the greatest of ease, in the company of those of like mind, freedom to Be. Who. He. Is.

Far from the common toils and endless intolerable woes of mousehood – ye nagging wife, ye snivelling brats, ye preying cats, ye biting fleas, ye chaotic and terrifying human overlords, ye rodent fate altogether – ye noble lemming doth live alone in magnificent wilderness solitude, eating pure sattvic food, and with a heart free of the endless insufferable pollutions of any company at all in this dreadful Kali Yug, and he does attain, as a matter course, on any given day, the Darshan of the Lord. And when the call comes to enact the Great Sacrifice of Lemminghood, so that the next generation of lemmings can so thrive in their turn, he does not fear to perform the Dharma that is his.

No, pity not thy noble lemming, for his is the better part entire.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

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2 Responses to A Mouse is Exactly an Abbreviated Lemming

  1. Clement says:

    Thanks for the wonderful manual

    • Vishveshwar says:

      This was one of a dozen (out of 65) pieces of junk in the span trap this morning that were actually connected to an ISP that was real, and every single one of them were about Skype.

      Nice try, chat junkies and witless bhakts of Meher all!

      I don’t skype, I don’t chat, I don’t do any form of ‘social web,’ and I agree with Xi Jinping that “the Web needs to be controlled.” These statements here are NOT the kind of frivilous airhead attitudinizations that are the sole content of all of the above modes of being online. They are real statements of actual views and facts that are derived from actual experience in the real world.

      What you get from me online is text on my blogs, no more and no less, and every single word of it is based on my real experience. If you think you need more than that from me, you are free to come visit me in Hawaii. If you are an Indian witless Bhakt of Meher, or a Dharma Cop of Meherabad, and you want to see me in India, you need to talk to Motormouth Kalchuri about his assinine attempt to solve a legitimate dharmic dispute by resorting to policemen and lawyers, resulting in a baseless and abysmally stupid but still active complaint against me at the Ahmednagar police station. The Ahmednagar police have long since dismissed it, but Motormouth is still frothing about it, because he’s a blind ass who is terminally full of shit, and because he’s jealous of me because I was the one, not him, whom his father Bhauji blessed on his deathbed, due to Mothermouth’s entire history of treachery against Bhau, Meher Baba’s intentions with the Trust, and the entire force of the Avatar’s Manifestation in real time.

      Every policeman and every advocate in India knows full well that Dharmic disputes can only be resolved by the normal human interaction between the principals within their spiritual community of origin. Avoiding normal human interaction with your Dharma brother, and then taking such disputes to the police, or litigating on the basis of them, as per Motormouth’s real behavior and threats, are simply the acts of a blind idiot. I could walk out of any police office, and any court of law in India simply by asserting this truth which is universally recognized throughout India, as I already have done once at the Ahmednagar police station, but because of AMBPPCT’s thorough corruption by Motormouth’s status as a Trustee, Motormouth’s goons would kill me if I came to India again in real time for that purpose.

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
      Vishveshwar Bodhisattva

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