An Open Letter to Darvish Khan

Who dares to cast ridicule and to insinuate blame towards any single act or word of our late Great Helmsman, Chairman Bhau, may he live ten thousand years, ten thousand years, ten thousand ten thousand years in our memories?

Ref: Wikidpedia: an encyclopedia of the Baba Community. Innaugral entry: Jai Ho Club

Chairman Bhau was already a Mahasiddha by previous attainment when Meher Baba veiled him for his work, thus dooming him, in his appointed role of John the Beloved Disciple, to be unintelligible to the Meher Baba Community at large when his Mahasiddhic liberating sanskaras came up to be burnt off in the last five years of his life. The liberating sanskaras of Circle members (Mandali) of the Avatar do not create further sanskaras when spent, and unless and until they are are spent, the person cannot go on to his eternal reward of God-realization. Every single thing that Bhauji did and said towards the end of his life was one more step towards God. That nobody understood him, with the exception of never demeaned enough yours truly, several members of his family, and the current Iranian Shiiite Muslim immigrants to Meher Baba’s Indian Community in general, boots exactly nothing whatsoever, amen.

I was one of the greatest beneficiaries of everything that the MB Community at large hated about Shri Shri Shri Vir Singh (Bhau) Kalchuri as he approached Union with His Devine Beloved, Avatar Meher Baba. From my re-appearance in the MB Community in the Ahmednagar District in 2010, Bhauji fingered me for one of his own, and absolutely did not get off my case until his death, amen. What was unique about me was that I hid nothing from him; rather than to back-bite him, I was right in his face with everything I felt about him, whether positive or negative. Bhauji was the only person in the Indian MB Community who valued that quality. The rest of them were infuriated that I systematically refused to join in the secrecy and the resulting back-biting which had become the entire tenor of life in that community. Therefore, shortly before his death, Bhauji subsequently then transmitted to me the entire Mahasiddhic blessing power that he had been demonstrating, to little avail in a Community which as a whole social entity simply didn’t deserve it and couldn’t receive it.

In truth, what was useless and a cause for nothing but vicious back-biting and open ridicule by the Community at large was my greatest spiritual need. By his spiritual transmission on his deathbed, Bhau became the root Guru of a new Buddhist lineage from Meher Baba as Maitreya Buddha through Bhauji to me as the second Patriarch. The establishment of this lineage is the purpose of my birth, a purpose pre-ordained by every detail of my life, including the Dharma name Vishveshwar that Bhauji transmitted to me from Meher Baba on the island of Kauai in the ’90’s.

Namo Maitreya Buddha
Vishveshwar Bodhisatttva, Maitreyayana 2nd Patriarch
27 Jul 14

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3 Responses to An Open Letter to Darvish Khan

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  2. h says:

    Jai Baba. Very sad to hear that his close ones have to face such things. I remember seeing you on his chats many times. Like you I too was very close to him.

    • Vishveshwar says:

      Yeah, Vir Singh (that given name means ‘Courageous Lion’) aka Bhau had a special ability to appeal to the greatness and nobility in us all. He was absolutely unique among Meher Baba’s Mandali in that, and although I am also absolutely close to Mani, in incomprehensible ways, it was Bhau who connected with my Buddhist path, which is SO NOBLE that the Buddha himself is often called simply ‘The Noble One’ by Buddhists.

      But also too, you know, in a way Bhau is still too close to be appreciated by the MB Community at large; he SO pissed them off with his Great View, and I loved every minute of it. The people that were close to Him, of which I am by no means the greatest, are destined to emerge as leaders in that Community, and as that happens, Bhau will eventually be accepted in retrospect. The guy was absolutely a king-maker and a trainer of leaders. He was so good that nobody even saw it go by.

      Jai Meher Baba,

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