Some New Wallpapers and Opinions

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I think this is my best work. What it shows is not exactly the One in the many vs. the many in the One, as per Manija, but at this stage of His Manifestation it’s more like the One expanded into the many, and the many included in the One. It’s also the first graphic that I’ve published which is about community. When I put this on my machine, it gives me a whole new mood and attitude, and for one thing it motivates me to finally immerse myself in Chinese language so that I can become fluent in it. And why? Because like India, China has a fundamentally right-brained culture, and so there’s universal dimensions to everything, and that’s what is shown here. This earth is the spiritual center of the multiverse, Meherabad is the spiritual center of this earth, and what happens at Meher Baba’s Dhuni at Meherabad fans out through all the vast reaches of space and time.

I’m about to neglect this blog and go to my other blog on which I will now write only Chinese. Seriously, I have a solid year of Chinese language which now must be written there, and on its previous domain which is going to become my Chinese-language old homestead online. I will come back here occasionally.

The fundamental reason that I must continue to study Chinese is that the deepest part of my mind, aka my heart, is still only fluent in different forms of Chinese language, i.e., 1. the classical language, which is the liturgical language of Chinese Buddhism, 2. proto-Mandarin, the ancestor of China’s current national language, which was the lingua franca of Central Asia for a thousand years, and my mother tongue when I rode with Genghis Khan, and 3. the medieval vernacular of the central Yangsi River basin, which was my mother tongue when I first met the individual who later became Ivy Duce. Can all of this be finally be melded into current Mandarin usage? Perhaps, but I think that what I am more likely to become fluent in is something like the bai hua of Mr. Lu Xun, which is good enough for me.

For the purposes of this community, it should be understood that every single time I have come to Meher Baba’s places in India, it was by bouncing off my Chinese karma. This is a developmental process which I can’t forego, and obviously I can’t study Chinese in India. Not with the blind chaos that goes on in that community. Of course, Mani ultimately may have other opinions, but until that happens, I’m studying Chinese fulltime in Hawaii.

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This is a moon-venus conjunction personalized with a couple of Mani’s doodles. The moon doesn’t seem to be conjunct with Venus in the upper left, but astronomically it is. The separation is due to the inclination from the plane of the ecliptic of the moon’s orbit around the earth.

Below, please find links to my three already published Mani-esque wallpapers.

Meher Caravan Wallpaper

Pink Mani Doodles

Blue Mani Doodles

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

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