Straight Talk from Chairman Shridhar G. Kelkar on AMBPPCT Finances

Chairman Kelkar ki Jai!

Please review the current AMBPPCT Financial Report, which I have archived here:

AMBPPCT Financial Report — 1 April 2013 – 31 March 2014

So the end of obligatory subjective happy talk about finances, at least, has finally come to pass! This is a real end of false appearances which clears the way for a real beginning of renewed, continued and ongoing progress. The word on the street at Meherabad when I was there late last year and early in the current year (2014), by happy talk Trust wonks, was that because of its income from investments, the Trust doesn’t have to care about donations!

There are a couple of things that the Trust really, really needs to understand about donations, namely:

I. We are in fact in the stage of Meher Baba’s Manifestation, and in this stage, there is no final discrimination that can be made between Meher Baba’s will and that of His whole community. If you alienate donors, Trustees, you’re alienating Meher Baba, and yes, you have been guilty of this. Although I have never been in a position to be a significant donor, when I go to Meherabad, these big donors find me and unburden themselves to me about your financial misdemeanors. Why? I don’t know why, except I think they respect the fact that I always own my percieved truth. Although my subjectifity is involved in that for sure, I think I am legitimately percieved as a window through the opacity that is caused by people whose first priority is to keep every available secret, simply to prove to their peers that they can be depended on to do that, no matter what the outcome might be! That game has nothing to do with Meher Baba’s Manifestation, and at this stage, it is a serious disservice to the Trust.

II. To regain the good faith of donors world-wide, the Trust needs to go public with the disposition of its real assets, and the history of the transfers of those assets. Once that is done, the donations will start to increase again.

III. In the general case, westerners understand money better than Asians in general and Indians in particular, because we simply have more experience with it, and therefore have more accumulated wisdom about it, both individually and collectively. We’re not more affluent because Meher Baba has somehow made us more affluent apart from our own competence. To the contrary, we’re more affluent because we have more wisdom about the use of money. Meher Baba has given us the wisdom about how to use it, and when you at the Trust recieve that wisdom from us, instead of blindly fighting us about what we know very well, you will therefore recieve more of our money, and that will be how Meher Baba solves this financial crunch.

Apart from these dynamics, however, for the Community at large, it is now time for all of us to support Chairman Kelkar and the Trust at large. The legitimate criticism must continue because it has merit, but the continued withdrawal of financial support would be going too far. In India, every reform starts from the top down, and it is clear to me that Chairman Shridhar’s attitude and program for fiscal conservatism and stability is what the Trust needs now, and we should know that this is a very sincere and competent Chairman, and we should mitigate his burden by continuing our donations, with faith and trust in God that they will be put to good use. God loves those who act in faith and trust, and let the outcome be in His Beloved hands!

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

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