The Second Post-Bhauji Vrat

My first Post-Bhauji “Meditation Retreat” began on May 28, and extended for 40 days. At that time I decided to have a similar Retreat every quarter for a year. This vrat will start after morning Aarti tomorrow morning (Tuesday 09 Sep 14), and go for 30 days only – until 09 Oct 14. (All of these 9s are also in recognition of the Goddess). I am no longer capable of even the pretense of a Meditation Retreat because meditation is no longer my Path. My path was changed to Siddha Yog by Meher Baba’s revelation of Maitreya Yoga during the first vrat. Tomorrow is the full moon day on much of the planet, which Lillian Too has reminded me is a Supermoom (moon at perigee) day. Yes, go bathe in the light of the full moon, and expose your crystals and mirrors to it, as per Lillian. These are highly effective practices.

Actually, in Hawaii (GMT-10), the exact moment of the full moon is 1540 today, Monday 08 Sep. So for us, the visible supermoon actually begins after sunset tonight, Monday 08 Sep. Both the post-sunset Moon today and the pre-dawn Moon tomorrow will be waxing and therefore most powerful for viewing. But after sunrise tomorrow, which is when the Vedic day begins, the moon will be both invisible and waning. I have decided to begin the vrat after dawn (and ater 0700 Aarti) tomorrow because of the condition of the whole sky taken together – there will then be a very beautiful 8th-house Moon in Pisces in mutual reception with a 12th-house Guru in Cancer. The Moon is with Ketu, and there is also a Mars Swakshetra in the 4th in Scorpio. That’s four Moksha Karakas – very auspicious for a vrat. Waning (Krishna tithi) by the Moon is also a good mudra for a vrat because it indicates the obliteration of obstructions. The third-house exalted Saturn disposited to the first by his ruler Shukra Raj (Venus) is great for maintaining peace and quiet for spiritual practice.

Indicating results down the line, the Navamsha here is also highly interesting, and it talks about false appearances and false authority overthrown by women appearing in public. This will most probably be an uproar in Mehernagar (i.e, the Ahmednagar District, including Meherabad and Meherazad), and it will most probably appear after the vrat is over, and if that happens, it will be perpetrated by women who are psychologically/karmically/spiritually aligned with me and my stated views about AMBPPCT and the MB Community in Mehernagar.

(Click image to enlarge.)

In general I am a renunciate character – I only have what is necessary, and I only do what is necessary. The major difference in a vrat for me is that I just don’t go online, and I emphasize my spiritual practice, which is so lightning-fast anymore that it leaves most of my time free for other activities. I will continue my usual activites, such as they are, on the ground in Hawaii during this time. I will also finally get around to my backed-up Chinese writing. Promise!

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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2 Responses to The Second Post-Bhauji Vrat

    • Vishveshwar says:

      I’m an American patriot, Dom. I’m not one of those because I’m attached to the qualities of the land of my birth. To the contrary, I’m that because I understand God’s will for me in it.

      I was Chinese for 1,000 years before God made me be born in America. I had no attraction to it when I was born, and there was no karmic possibility of such a birth for me. It was done to me by God against all my personal tendencies and capacities, and against all the inherent dynamics of my existing karma.

      However, I have come to love America because I find this new country inherently loveable, and because I admire the profound efficiency and beauty of God’s intervention in my case by making me be born here. By bringing me to America He brought me to Himself. This turbo-charged my personal development in every direction.

      I also love Australia, Dom. I’ve been there and it’s a very beautiful and wonderful land. But I don’t have to be born there to love it.

      However, Dom, you may never come to love America until you are born here, and that is what will happen in your next life, because that’s what inevitably happens when you have that kind of righteous critical attitude.

      The God within yourself is being starved by your rejection of America which is loved by Him, until your only way back to your own reality will be to become what you have previously rejected. It’s the long way home, Dom. You should simply love us right now, just as we are, and just simply throw out the whole pissy attitude this instant. Then you could continue to be a happy-go-lucky Aussie forever, and with my blessing.

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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