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Riff of 24 Oct 14 — Adventures in Chinese Language et. al.

Editing on 27 Oct: My fresh translation of the complete text of Mr. Yan Lianke’s speech on recieving the Franz Kafka Award can be found here: Yan Lianke in Prague, 22 Oct 14 This is one of those posts that … Continue reading

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Extending the Current Vrat to 19 Oct 14

I had thought in designing this period of seclusion that I could reduce the time from the previous 40 days to 30 days in this case, and I thought wrong. I need the extra 10 days to complete my translation … Continue reading

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Meher Baba Directs a Lover to Take Direction from a Yogi

Many thanks to Shiva (Lynwood) for this, which was posted to Bhaulist.  This shows that Meher Baba valued Yoga.  Meher Baba said that both Buddhism and Hinduism are “High Roads to God,” and both of these paths are essentially yogic.  … Continue reading

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