Meher Baba Directs a Lover to Take Direction from a Yogi

Many thanks to Shiva (Lynwood) for this, which was posted to Bhaulist.  This shows that Meher Baba valued Yoga.  Meher Baba said that both Buddhism and Hinduism are “High Roads to God,” and both of these paths are essentially yogic.  Meher Baba did not get personally involved with either Hinduism or Buddhism because, due to the high developmental stage of both of these religions/paths, He didn’t have to.  Buddhism has been fully intuitive, in Meher Baba’s terms, for an entire millenium.  I am not so familiar with Hinduism, but I know that Hinduism’s entry into the Age of Intuition came even before that of Buddhism.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

Subject: An account of WBF Chat on 28th September
Date: Monday, 6 October 2014

My apologies for not getting the Chat announcement out Sunday’s Chat/Meeting, which contained the following account.

Shiva (Lynwood)

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!


((tangential material edited out for brevity – vshr))

… G.V. Karmale, Namdev’s younger brother, surprised him by coming to the chat as a second guest and joining his brother in his reminiscences.  The two formed a striking pair, Namdev in his bright magenta turban and village white dhoti, and Gulab in his more “citified” teacher’s Western clothing. The inner love for Baba emanating from both dissolved the external differences!

After the break, Namdev (who is 85!) left, and G.V. graced us again with his intimate stories about Baba, before and after He dropped His body.  It gave us yet another special opportunity to take into our hearts the way Baba worked with those He brought close to Him.

One incident involved a yogi connected with Dattatreya, whom G.V.’s friends took to be their guru.  They were persistent in asking G.V. to attend his programs with them.  G.V. loved only Baba and was truly not interested in this yogi or in his practices but did not want to appear boastful to his friends regarding the reason he wanted to stay away and remain only with Baba.

He wrote to Adi K. Irani about this problem.  Adi showed Baba his letter and Baba told him, through Adi, to definitely go with his friends to the yogi.  He told him the yogic practices would be of service to him in his life.  G.V. says he did indeed use the yogi’s breathing techniques to help him in his successful avocation as a runner!

G.V., as his brother had done earlier, spoke with deep emotion about becoming closer and closer to Beloved Baba only through the experiences of the Heart.

We ended the evening with skyping Talk-and-Talk (Charlie) and Habib Number One (Norman), who both opened their hearts to share intimately with us their love for Baba and their appreciation of the Kharmale brothers and of the Chat/Meeting.

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

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