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Riff of 30 Nov 14

Truth Unspoken Is Truth Denied. Vishveshwar Advertisements

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Fresh News (July 2014) from Andhra Pradesh

Much thanks to Mother P4 for this, which was posted by that stellar team at Bhaulist: A Journey to Baba Centers in Andhra, India 25th – 28th July 2014 By Mother P4/ (Joanna) Mehernath Kalchuri (Bhau’s son), Mehernath’s wife, Raj, … Continue reading

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“Darvish Kahn’s” Book of Ghazals to Meher Baba Wins Amazon’s Best Poetry Book of the Year Award

((Editing on 16 Nov – This turned out to be a hoax by Bill Gannet. He’s a sincere clown, but this kind of stuff doesn’t bring people to Meher Baba. It just creates more intra-community nonsense. The MB Community likes … Continue reading

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A Note of Appreciation for the Team at Bhaulist

Recovering some eight messages from Bhaulist out of the spam trap, I found that for the last two weeks, the messages were sent twice. That has never happened before. I now also suddenly understand why the “MB Community” link on … Continue reading

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The Chairman on 46th Amartithi

I have posted this long official announcement here: From the Chairman on the 46th Amartithi of Avatar Meher Baba, 31 Jan 14 This was distributed to Bhaulist. I am late posting it because my email account got the hiccups and … Continue reading

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Of Divine Bliss

“…From the Wine of Meher, these troubles are mine” — Bhau Kalchuri “From these troubles of Bhau, Meher’s Wine is now mine.” –Vishveshwar Bodhisattva Beloveds, I am indeed just the most abject and least worthy of the many fortunate slaves … Continue reading

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