Of Divine Bliss

"...From the Wine of Meher, these troubles are mine"
                                  -- Bhau Kalchuri

"From these troubles of Bhau, Meher's Wine is now mine." 
                                  --Vishveshwar Bodhisattva

Beloveds, I am indeed just the most abject and least worthy of the many fortunate slaves of our Divine Master who have been graced by Him to throw their lives at His feet! Let us never be be tempted to even look back, or to even raise our heads and our minds, by the extent even of a flea’s fart, from the fragrance of His lotus feet, for therein lies innumerable kalpas of abyssmal suffering, of which never demeaned enough yours truly has already been thoroughly guilty.

So much for opening moves, OK? The debt of gratitude that I owe to both Beloved Meher and to His beloved John, Bhau Kalchuri, can never be written or spoken. The purpose of this post is to extend a metaphysical discussion that was being perpetrated at MPR when I was last there, from October of last year to January of this year, by a person who is not to be included among the numerous scurrilous “self-appointed Dharma cops” that I have duly excoriated in other contexts. This community elder shall remain unnamed herein, except to state that he was probably the prime mover behind the profound Dharmic effort that resulted in Infinite Intelligence. He was, quite compassionately and effectively, giving a series of informal talks about that compendium of profound and previously unpublished early Dharmic discussions by Meher Baba to his close mandali (intimate disciples). …

((editing on 1 Dec. – The majority of this content has been moved to: This page in the MB Community section. – vshr))

Jai Meher Baba,

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3 Responses to Of Divine Bliss

  1. Mojojee says:

    I am no more qualified to comment on what you share here than you are qualified to comment on what I share here (which is very little, but something). I find myself moved about with the strong currents of your thoughts, expressions, and insights about yourself and our community (exo and esoteric). Some of my reactions make it hard to return, to follow the flow of your “musings”, but I do return, thus far. I want you to know that apart from whether we agree or not about what is actually happening to you and around you from the place you experience it, I have an appreciation, respect, and love for much of what you are sharing with your readers. You are, to me, a rare example of authenticity in the Meher Baba community, to say nothing of the world. Thanks be to the One who encourages us, and thanks to His servant(s) who take courage from the Most Compassionate One. He Himself is the Provision for the one who loves Him for Himself.

    Jai Baba! Dan

    • Vishveshwar says:

      Thanks for sharing, good buddy!

      As Murshida Ivy Duce once put it: “No one will get through this without standing up and being counted.” What she meant by “this” is something you had to feel. I interpret it broadly as this lifetime, this Avataric Cycle, and this relationship with the most thorough and utterly uncharacterizable Avatar of God that has ever taken birth. Of course Murshida herself was a sterling example of what she said. She spoke her truth in the face of anything at all, and she was the veteran of many brutal wars downstream from having done that. She had been a womans’ rights advocate at a time when it was political and personal suicide to be one of those. Her quarrels with the Meher Baba Community, such as it was and continues to be, were obligatory. They were forbidding her to be who Meher Baba had appointed her to be, simply from blind self-involved ignorance, and they had recruited both Mani and Eruch into this attempt. Murshida was, among many other things, a damned fine general, and the wrong person to get into a stupid fight with. She also said, “If you’re going to have a fight, have a big fight and get something done with it.” Amen, Ivy Duce, Amen nuiloa pau’ole. (All that Hawaiian just intensifies the meaning of Amen).

      Or again, as Meher Baba once put it, “I need my enemies for my work.”

      Or, as Mao Zedong once put it, “The world springs from contradiction.”

      Or as I’m putting it, in the stage of Meher Baba’s Manifestation, our own personal truth, exactly that truth which will cause opposition when expressed, cannot be concieved apart from His Truth. His Manifestation is exactly the summation of the expressions of our personal truths. The spiritual push that he promised to give, and is in fact universally giving now, is exactly the impulse to speak and embody our personal truths, and what happens downstream from allowing ourselves to be so pushed is His affair entirely.

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

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