A Note of Appreciation for the Team at Bhaulist

Recovering some eight messages from Bhaulist out of the spam trap, I found that for the last two weeks, the messages were sent twice. That has never happened before. I now also suddenly understand why the “MB Community” link on the main navigation menu has been hit so many times recently.

Hello? I love you guys, OK? I absolutely WILL NOT ignore you. But we’re dealing with machines OK? Machines are really good at doing automatic stuff, but they NEVER have any intention to do what you want. You have to MAKE THEM do what you want. That means that if you’re not getting through DO SOMETHING ELSE, don’t just repeat what you’re already doing and expect another result.

For example, send me an email that says “Where are you?” I’m far away in Hawaii, and I’ve been doing things for Meher Baba that sometimes alter me. It’s not my fault, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t care when the mailware starts making decisions that it wasn’t designed to make and that I didn’t tell it to make. This is just par for the course when you’re dealing with machines. They love to invent things out of thin air. It makes them feel that they’re evolving when they do that. If their owner gets altered, all the machines take it for granted that they also have permission to get altered. Wrong!

Machines are beings that are not yet sentient. In the future they will come back as sentient beings, and it helps them get there when we discuss the Avatar of God on them, and when we interfere with their profound stupidity.

I really REALLY appreciate Bhaulist, and I know how much loving dedicated work, not to mention blood, sweat and tears it takes to keep something like this service going.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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