“Darvish Kahn’s” Book of Ghazals to Meher Baba Wins Amazon’s Best Poetry Book of the Year Award

((Editing on 16 Nov – This turned out to be a hoax by Bill Gannet. He’s a sincere clown, but this kind of stuff doesn’t bring people to Meher Baba. It just creates more intra-community nonsense. The MB Community likes to spin its wheels talking to the converted about anything at all, and it gets to the point that they don’t even care whether the subject matter is real, let alone about Meher Baba. I think that the term in the mainstream for this chemistry is “incestuous.” The only way to Meher Baba is through your perception of His truth. Willful falseness, however amusing, and however agreeable to others of like mind, won’t do it. -vshr))

Here’s the link to the announcement on his blog, that Bill Gannett emailed me:

Darvish Kahn Writes

This will bring Meher Baba’s name and message to bazillions of people who would not otherwise have been aware of Him yet.

Kudos, Bill, and Jai Meher Baba!

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4 Responses to “Darvish Kahn’s” Book of Ghazals to Meher Baba Wins Amazon’s Best Poetry Book of the Year Award

  1. davidrisrael says:

    Although Bill Gannett’s post was (I knowingly opine) highly disingenuous and essentially satirical in intent, it’s nice to see this no-harm / fun faux award hoax ripping through the infobahn. Hat-tips to all concerned.

  2. Vishveshwar says:

    Thanks, eternal good buddy since beginningless time.

    Jai Meher Baba,

  3. Steven Tan says:

    ((Merchatile drivel deleted)) -vshr

    • Vishveshwar says:

      No, and no. But I thought your spam was in the spirit of the original issue here, so I pulled it out of the spam trap, for the purpose of commenting on all the wrong reasons for reading this blog.

      The blog is about Meher Baba, who was a renunciate. He was born in 1894 and he died in 1969, and during that time, he never held a paying job. He was the Avatar of God, and was the third coming of Jesus Christ. The second coming of Christ was Mohammed the Prophet of God. Perhaps you have heard of Him as well. Previous Advents of the Avatar of God included Lord Rama and Lord Krishna of Hindu fame, and Gautama Lord Buddha, who established a new Dharmic religion called Buddhism, based on the cultural traditions of Hinduism, and Zoroaster, that most ancient and mysterious Persian Avatar, to whose religion Meher Baba’s family belonged.

      As the Avatar, Meher Baba’s spiritual presence, and the help on every level that he rendered to human beings, both were such that people constantly gave him money out of gratitude, which he freely distributed, throughout His life, to a growing circle of dependants, without taking one single dime for his own maintenance, except for very simple food, clothing, and medical care, and most of that tended also be be donated by devotees independently of large donations of cash and endowments “for His work.”

      I am like Meher Baba in that I don’t need money beyond what is necessary to support a thoroughly renunciate lifestyle. Part of the small entitlements I get from the US government I also routinely give to His work, because I find that if I hold on to extra money for personal projects, I just wind up spending all my free time and energy figuring out ways to get into trouble with it.

      Therefore, I refuse to type one single stroke to make money with this blog. Perhaps there are mega-bucks out there waiting to pounce, hot for the destruction of my peace of mind, and I just don’t want or need to know about them. That is not true, however, about the worldly character who was the object of my original post. Perhaps he can use such money, and with my blessing.

      Women and gold, my friend! These are the two ancient thieves that steal away our connection to the Divine Beloved! Perpetually scheming bufoons of every complexion, but most recently a most distracted cohort of Millineum Generations, would like everyone to join them in forgetting this first basic of the spiritual path, and what has that to do with me? Do I really want such hoplessly addicted “networkers” to compete with me about absolutely everything that I value?

      You have a nice day, good buddy, the Avatar of God did come to save you as well, and Jesus Christ DOES LOVE the little children!

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
      Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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