Fresh News (July 2014) from Andhra Pradesh

Much thanks to Mother P4 for this, which was posted by that stellar team at Bhaulist:

A Journey to Baba Centers in Andhra, India
25th – 28th July 2014

By Mother P4/ (Joanna)

Mehernath Kalchuri (Bhau’s son), Mehernath’s wife, Raj, her sister, Shubhshree Deva, others and I recently returned from a Baba tour to Andhra Pradesh, in the south of India.

We were met at Vishakapatnam station by some lovely local people who had organized a beautiful Baba bhajan and talk program.

We even paraded around the town for about an hour, singing Baba’s name! All very lighthearted fun. …

((Editing on 1 Dec: The content of this post has been moved to: This page in the MB Community section. – vshr))

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

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2 Responses to Fresh News (July 2014) from Andhra Pradesh


    the government declared that my father has a promotion and as well as transfer to some other place I was worried I prayed in the NEO CONCEPT CHURCH that we are not to be transfered and no talk of promotion MESIAH did it but no transfer but amazingly a double promotion.I talked to the founder and their family through their number and I have solution for my problem with their faithful prayers and of my believe towards jesus and the family prayers ”.PRAISE THE LORD”.
    the church president no.9848489207

    • Vishveshwar says:

      Yes, Bhuvani, dear, thanks for sharing your experience of God’s Grace. It helps others when we bear Witness to what God has done for us.

      I was also blessed by Jesus Christ when I was young and left home for the first time. I was not adapting successfully to the US Navy, which I had joined to avoid being drafted and sent to Vietnam, in 1967. So when I was just on the verge of being kicked out, which would have been a karmic disaster for me, Jesus Christ appeared in a vision one night, and just gave me this golden shower of His love and grace, and so I was able to relax and stop fighting because, “It doesn’t matter what those damned fools do to me, Christ’s love is the only thing that matters.” So then I looked around and started to find ways to adapt, and the result was that in the midst of a short but successful Navy career, I was able to go to Meher Baba’s Last Darshan in Poona in 1969. By that time I had already long since identified Meher Baba as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

      The only God we really need is the one we can recognize, and exactly ONE is certainly enough. Jesus Christ would have been good enough for me, but that was not God’s wish for me. He wanted me to have his direct Darshan, Grace and Nazar in His current Avataric form as Meher Baba.

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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