Riff of 30 Nov 14

Truth Unspoken Is Truth Denied.


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3 Responses to Riff of 30 Nov 14

  1. Vishveshwar says:

    Since I wrote these five words, this post has been among the most-hit documents on the blog, which surprises me. From whence this power? Could it source back to Meher Baba’s statement, “The Truth is the most powerful thing there is.” ?

    I’d like to share how this particularly hard-hitting formulation of truth came to me. I was lying in bed practicing Maitreya Yoga, and I was very conscious of these words crystallizing out of the darkness of primordial Avidya above my head, and the language of origin was, in fact, Chinese, in the exact idiom that I prefer, something that is virtually indistinguishable from the classical language, but which can still be understood by real-time Chinese speakers of any dialect. Here is the Chinese source for those with that language: 真相没出口正是真相被否认。 It’s more forceful in Chinese; with more than 4,000 years of development behind it, Chinese is capable both of more force and of more subtle indirection than my beautiful mother tongue, which has become the dominant world language by virtue of its pragmatism and simple script.

    I was very conscious of all the power I was losing by translating this to English, but I did it anyway, thinking that it would just be ignored. Wrong!

    I do not think that this fresh formulation with respect to truth came to me from Meher Baba or anyone else. I think it is the cyrstallized essence of many lifetimes of spiritual practice, and that it is something that I have earned the right to assert on my own personal authority. That is why I did not sign off with any reference to Meher Baba on this post, a complete departure from my usual practice. If you did not intuitively recognize my right in this, you would not hit this post.

    Most of the spiritual practice to which I refer was as a Buddhist. The Buddha is universally recognized to have given The Lion’s Roar of Truth and that Roar has now become mine. If you did not recognize this intuitively, you would not hit this post.

    Meher Baba said that those in His Circle did not earn that status by devotion to Him or any other form of God, but by devotion to their personal Truth, persisted in over lifetimes, which is in fact, my case exactly. If that were not true, you would not hit this post, but since it is absolutely true, you must necessarily not only hit this, but also know in your hearts that what I assert, as my own Truth, cannot in fact be separated from the Divine Will of the Meher Baba that may very well recieve no better than worship from you. Worship isn’t what Meher Baba wants most, but He does accept it as sufficient from those who can do no better, because of His great Love and Compassion for every single one of His creatures without exception.

    When you are capable of more than mere worship, and start to give your Divine Master what he really wants, you will be shunned and backbitten by the mere worshippers of that time, in exactly the same way, and for exactly the same reasons, that you shun and backbite me today. It is exactly for this this reason, i.e. their driven need to require the demonstration of exactly their own weakness by others, that mere worshippers are not admitted to His Circle.

    Namo Maitreya Buddha, Thus-Come to This Age,
    Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
    Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

  2. Brenton says:

    It’s an remarkable article in favor of all the internet viewers; they will get benefit from it I am sure.

    • Vishveshwar says:

      The site associated with this interesting piece of gear, namelyLABU 2051 FAll is deep into what I interpret as an adventure in consciousness. I rescued it from the spam trap. I do not consider it spam since both the organization and the motivation are clearly educational. It appears to emanate from Hong Kong, and to have been influenced by Mahayana Buddhism.

      For example, it contains this Thought Experiment:


      Form groups of students and asked to discuss the issue of killing the Spoter-ogg (an endangered species).


      You are members of the Savinals, a modern society, borne out of a combination of
      peoples (the Saneeds, the Vinaoks, & the Nalsians). At one time, these groups where war-like peoples; however, due to the rise of Gooism—a belief in toleration, these once hate-filled people have united. In the process, they have increased trade with each other and the neighbouring islands, and have prospered. Fundamental to the principle of Gooism is that all living things, people and animals are sacred, and so they do not eat any meat. As you like to say, ‘to kill one, is to kill all’. The peace and survival of the Savinals is deeply linked to bringing peace and toleration to all living things. You are very troubled that the Spoter-ogg, an endangered species, is going to be killed. In order to maintain the principle of Gooism the killing of the Spoter-ogg must be stopped, or else the very foundations of your society may topple.

      My feelings exactly. All endangered Spoter-ogg must be saved. They could be the bearers of the precious God-gene, without which we may all soon share their fate.

      There may be other priceless nuggets of wisdom buried in the many links that can be found on this site.

      Jai Meher Baba,

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