Post Mortem on the 3rd Post-Bhauji Vrat

During this period from Mani’s birthday until Amartithi, I made serious progress in grounding and stabilizing myself and the Maitreyayana lineage. I completely overhauled the Maitreyayana blog, and it is now something that I feel good about looking at for the first time in years. Going forward from what is now the clear delineation of a Buddhist lineage from Gautam to Maitreya Meher to Bhau Mahasiddha to yours truly, I am going to spend the forseeable future posting systematically to that blog about the secondary dharmas of Feng Shui, Jyotish, and Herbology, beginning with Feng Shui because it is the beginning of the Year of the Sheep.

I will never again pollute any blog with political material, and henceforth I will not post anything over my name on this particular blog unless and until there are actual reported improvements on the ground in Meherbad, Meherazad, and AMBPPCT with respect to:

1. Sexual norms – i.e., the actual real-time, on-site, and pro-active administration of the conditions of the New Life conditions #3 and #10 in the case of those to whom the Trust has granted Student Visas based on Bhau’s Spiritual Training Programme, which I believe includes the vast majority of the bloc of “Long-Time Meherabad Residents,” who have gradually accumulated an uncontrollable degree of administrative power in their own right behind the scenes, by which they threaten every action and intention of the Trust going forward, in part by degrading the sexual norms of Meherabad by violating the conditions of their visas. It’s high time to send all those sickos home.

In addition, clearly-identifiable (and in some cases long-established) members of the “oldest profession on earth,” typically either American or Indian in ethnicity, routinely work MPR. These should be systematically discouraged and excluded by clearly stated (if not explicitly posted) and enforced administrative policy.

2. Financial Transparency – the publishing of the disposition and history of the Trust’s real assets.

3. The Solution of Erico Nadel’s 2009 murder.

The Chairman is an exception to these blog conditions. Anything from the Office of the Chairman will be published as a matter of course, regardless of subject matter.

I am now in a high stable state of spiritual practice. I will have one more vrat beginning on or about spring equinox 2015, and that will be my last vrat this life.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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