The Top Predictor of Success

The article excerpted below articulates why people hit me, rather than more dedicated, “pure,” Meher-Dharma-cop-friendly sites. And I post it, in violation of my own rule, in the hopes that the larger Meher Baba Community can get David Chang’s message of love and truth.

The local island dude is simply right in what he asserts, and his truth is what I have instinctively followed in writing to the subject of Meher Baba on the Web. I have been absolutely insistent on relating Meher Baba to anything at all that I see on the Web, and over time, that is what has attracted traffic to the point that this site now has a life of its own, and I feel free to go to my Dharmakshetra and work on other projects.

This constitutes the most outstanding success that I’ve ever personally experienced, and frankly, it’s finally the only one I care about. If we love the Avatar of God, and we belong to Him, then the entire world is our Network, but only if we dare to assume that and talk to it as such.

With my best wishes for your ongoing progress in feeling, expressing, and basking in greater Love (Prem) for Him, and greater felt Love from Him, I am, yours truly,

Vishveshwar Bodhisattva.


Posted on February 18, 2015 by David S. Chang:

According to network science, the study of different types of networks and how they create competitive advantages, success has little to do with the most common principles of success.

… The top predictor of success is based on being in an open network as opposed to a closed one.

What does this mean? When you are in a closed small network, you are connected to people who already know each other. Therefore, you hear the same ideas, have the same opportunities and have same beliefs. In a large, open network, you have access to different clusters of people, where you are exposed to new ideas and opportunities. The larger your open network, the more successful you can become.

Research showed that half of the predicted difference in career success (e.g., promotion, compensation, recognition, etc.) was because of this one variable.

When you have an open and large network, you have unique relationships, experiences and knowledge that people in closed networks will not have. In addition, opportunities are tied to people. So if you are looking for an opportunity for success, you are actually looking for a person. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will have.

If this is the case, then why don’t more people have open networks? It is easier to stick to networks of people you already know and are comfortable with. It is easier to get stuff done since you have already built up trust, you know the culture and the group confirms your own beliefs. This explains why in the political process, political parties can trump good ideas, and why groups have gone to war over their beliefs. …

((The entire article is well worth perusing, and you will find it entirely in tune with Meher’s Baba’s expressed views. -vshr))

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