Shridhar’s Preliminary April US Travel Plans

This is hot off Bhaulist today:

The AMBPPCT Trust Chairman, Shridhar Kelkar,  will be visiting 
U.S.A. Baba Centers and groups in April 2015.  His itinerary 
has just been announced: 

1. April 3 - Leave Mumbai.
2. April 4 - 6 - N.Y./New Jersey
3. April 7 - 8 Asheville, South Carolina
4. April 9-12 – Toccoa, Georgia - South East Gathering
5. April 13- 14 – Seattle, Washington
6. April 15 – Meherana, Mariposa, California
7. April 17 - 21 - San Francisco, California
8. April 22 - 26 – Los Angeles, California
9. April 27 - May 3 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
10.May 4 - Leave for India.

I don’t really believe that any of these dates are going to stick –
it’s too sudden and too fast. Shridhar is not Bhau in his prime, and
he’s not a rock star in his ’20’s, and I don’t know who his secretary
is, but frankly I think the person is an idiot. I believe the last
time this was tried, by Bhau, the victim returned to India disabled
in a wheelchair and never recovered until he finally died.

Isn’t there a doctor in Meherazad who can put the whammy on this before
Shridhar gets pushed into something stupid, perhaps specifically by
someone who may be deliberately trying to kick him upstairs?

I am sure that Shridhar’s phone is going to have a pirhana attack of
Group-heads trying to figure out what this schedule could possibly boil
down to, if anything at all, and that one week from now, after an incredible
amount of time and money spent on long-distance telephone charges, nothing
on it will be the same.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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2 Responses to Shridhar’s Preliminary April US Travel Plans

  1. Thanks for putting the Chairman’s travel schedule in a handy place for reference, Vishvesh.

    My hunch is that all the group heads have already known their respective parts of this schedule for some weeks. So the scramble of phone calls you colorfully imagine seems a less likely eventuality. At least in LA, I’ve heard incidental mention of the dates of Sridhar’s upcoming visit since several weeks ago. From this data-point, I would jump to the reasonable guess the same likely obtains with the gentleman’s other American hosts as well.

    You seem to think the schedule to fast & furious, or too extensive. I’m not sure it so much exceeds the pace of many a well-planned vacation. What we see is a full month, spread over 8 locations. Is that too much? Or is it reasonably thorough but moderate withal?

    I suspect the visitor will enjoy his debut American tour in Chairman capacity — even though Bhauji must be a hard act for anybody to follow.


    • Vishveshwar says:

      Thanks for your feedback, eternal good buddy since beginningless time.

      This is not going to be a vacation for Shridhar. Only one name of a formal Meher Center in the US – Meherana – was mentioned on the itinery, and that is not the oldest one, or the only one established by Meher Baba in his life, or the one which he called “My home in the West.” This speaks of the continued tension and doubts which have caused the Trust’s income from the US donations to dive-bomb since Erico Nadel’s murder in 2009.

      In general, the West is hard on Indians, especially older Indians like Shridhar. They prefer to go to vacation spots in South Asia to get away. Eruch refused to leave India because, “I am afraid they (western Baba-lovers) will kill me.” In retrospect about Bhau, I believe that Eruch was right.

      I think that Shridhar is enthusiastic enough that he probably even wants to go to America, but unlike Eruch, he hasn’t got a snowflake’s clue on Mars what he’s getting himself in for. Eruch did know. Eruch was God-realized after he went through the Mano-nash stage of the New Life with Meher Baba. Bhau also knew, but he went anyway, because he thought that was what Baba wanted of him. Shridhar, and whatever he calls his crew, are simply at risk for being out of their depth in it.

      But hey, whatever sometimes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But it still feels too fast for me. And it also feels wrong that the same day Mehernath returns to chat sessions, Shridhar announces plans to leave India.

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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