Details on this year’s Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas

        Worldwide Baba Family Chat/Meeting Team
        Jun 4 at 12:19 PM


Dear Friends,

A reminder that those who would like to take part in this year’s Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas must submit applications no later than August 15th 2015.

MbYAS Application forms are now available on The Avatar Meher Baba Trust Website at:

Scroll down to the center of the page and click on “MbYAS Application Forms,” or go directly to:

Important Notes:

1. Participants should attend the complete Sahavas program from Sunday afternoon, August 30th and continues through lunch on Saturday afternoon, September 5th.

2. Participants should register for Sahavas through online application form available on the website mentioned above, no later than August 15tth 2015.

3. Each Participant is expected to be responsible for cancelling their application in case they have a change of plan and cannot participate in Sahavas. They must inform the MBYAS Team immediately on mbyas at no later than August 20th 2015 with a valid reason for cancellation.

4. Applicants who do not inform the AMB Trust regarding cancellation, their applications will not be accepted for future Sahavas programs.

5. All Participants have to strictly follow and abide by the guidelines/rules laid down by AMB Trust for Pilgrims in Meherabad and the Sahavas guidelines /rules framed by Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas Committee. Any deviation to the above guidelines/rules by Participants in their behaviour/conduct will lead to serious consequences: participants will be not allowed to participate/ continue in the Sahavas program and in future their applications will not be considered for Meherabad Sahavas programs.

6. Children are not allowed to attend the Sahavas. Even if the child is staying with a relative in a different facility in Meherabad they will not be allowed to attend any of the programmes, workshops, service project, outings etc.

7. No pets (Specially Dogs) will be allowed during the Sahavas.

We look forward to seeing you at the Sahavas!

In His Love and Service,

Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas Team
Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust

((Originally, I thought that at least I would not comment on this, because it seems, even to me, please, that I've had too many comments recently.

But on second thought, I still really want to put in my personal plug for this program, lest, as the Mandali commented on 3B Dimplf's letter during the Dr. James McKie brouhaha, "We don't FEEL you."

Parents, you should send your children to this. This is among the greatest opportunities they will have in thier lives. The people who run this are experts at such programs, and they certainly understand children, and I can guarantee you that your children will be well taken care of in this program, and if you can accompany them, so much the better. My criticisms of the Community at Meherabad in other contexts have no application to this program.

Children, you should lobby your parents to go to this program. This is God's call to you. As Eruch said at the time of the Last Darshan, "You have answered God's call." I can guarantee you that when you so answer, His Grace will descend. You can expect to face opposition, as did I and as must every lover of God. The price of God's Grace in your life is everything you've got, no more and no less. This has always been true, is true today, and will always be true forevermore.

Therefore, cut through the opposition and answer His Call today, and with my blessings.))

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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