Meher Baba on God-Realization

Translated from the Gujarati at the end of In God’s Hand:

… Now let us consider what is meant by Realization. Right now you (i.e. mind)are seeing the body and the world. Now in this same awake state, shutting your eyes, try to concentrate the mind by shifting the focus of your mind from the body and the world and engaging it on a single divine subject. Wwhen a single divine subject thus engages the mind, this can be considered the start in its progress from no. 3 (sound sleep) to no.5 (Awakening). Now once this progress starts, the planes become visible. Your body and the world are still there, which means that you are awake, but but the mind does not see the body and the world, which means [a state resembling] the sound sleep state. Hence, sound sleep could be reckoned as the starting point. Now as you concentrate the mind more and more, gradually and progressively all the planes become visible (this is the dream-in-awake state = Turiyaa); and at the end the stopping of the mind means the Sund-Sleep-in-Awake State, because the your body and the world are there, but your mind is not there.

This means:
mind’s concentration=sound sleep (no.3.);
mind’s advancement=dream (no. 4);
mind’s stopping=Awakening (no.5). ((These numbers refer to the right chart in the graphic below, of p. 29. These are the two most often used charts in In God’s Hand -vshr))

(This must happen in ordinary awake state.)

Now when the mind is working, sanskars (imagination=impressions) are formed; for the sake of experiencing these sanskaras the body comes forth, and for the sake of the body comes forth the world. In other words, because sanskaras exist, the body and the world exist. If there are no sanskaras ( which is the cause of all imagination and assertions like ‘I,’ ‘That is mine,’ ‘i and mine,’ then there cannot be any body and world. This means that the body and world are only the creation of imagination. In concentration, the mind makes great effort to remain aloof from sanskaras, that is, aloof from body and from world, and when the final stage of concentration is attained, then the sanskaras – or body and world – become ‘nothing’ (i.e.vanish). For this to happen, many ages are required. But the Sadguru, by a single nazar, can destroy all sanskaras. And the absence of all sanskaras means the stopping of mind. For when there are sanskaras, the mind functions, and when there are no sanskaras, the mind is stopped. The stopping and the functioning of the mind depend, [respectively] upon the absence or existence of sanskaras.

Real Darkness, which means the stopped mind, sees the Real Light every second. And when that Real Darkness (Existence) is functioning, then the false darkness (mind) sees the false light every moment. Because your Existence just now is in the state of [working] mind, it sees the body and world. This same mind of yours, when it stops or becomes the Existence, that very second it sees the Light, because, as we have stated above, the Existence sees the Light every second. How can the Light by Itself experience Itself – the Light?

This means that only in the state of Existence – of Darkness – can Light be experienced. But in the state of Nothingness (of Sound Sleep) this state-of-being-Existence is not conscious. In order to see the Light, the Darness did indeed become conscious; but no sooner did It become conscious – which is to say, functioning – than It became possessed of world, body, etc., and it started seeing only these. This means, then, that It [the Dqrkness] never saw the light. No doubt, It became conscious, but instead of seeing the Real Light, It began seeing the false light. Now, conscious it must remain (because when, in the beginning, It was unconscious, the Light wa snto to be seen); [but at the same time] It should not see the body and world. This means that It [the Darkness], while remaining conscious, should not be limited but should remain unlimited. Therefore, it reverses Itself; and gradually transcending its own limit, after traversing the seven planes, it becomes unlimited. But now, being conscious, It [the Darkness] sees the Light.

((end of Gujarati text in the MS, which continues in English:))

The Infinite Ego – which is side by side with the Infinite Self – to see Self must be conscious. On becoming conscious, the Infinite Ego became the finite ego and so looked towards body and the Universe.

Now conscious, It (i.e. Infinite Egoism) must remain, but not finite. So to break its finite limit (i.e. [to] remain conscious at the same time), it turned, and bit by bit through the passing in the seven planes, It became Unlimited Egoism as before, but conscious, and so sees Self. In the beginning It was Infinite Egoism but unconscious; so all this hassle was to undergone to bring [forth] consciousness.

((end of MS – vshr))

Meher Baba said numerous times in all His major published works, and to numerous individuals, that God Realization is the purpose for which the earth was created, and the purpose for all of our births, and that the specific purpose of His own birth was to cause individuals to Realize God. I agree with the Avatar of God about this, and I refuse to tie God’s hands in my own case by disagreeing with Him about the purpose of both of our lives. Namely and to wit, I refuse to adopt the attitudes of “I don’t want God-Realization,” “I don’t have a Path,” “I don’t know anything,” and (my favorite) “We are but His broken-down furniture” that characterize the members of the Hostile Group, aka the “Longtime Meherabad Residents” that currently dominate Meherabad.

Meher Baba wrote this material in 1925-26 when He was gathering His Circle, and He wrote about God-Realization, explicitly and at length, because that’s what interested them and that’s who they were. Every single one of them were conscious Realizers, by virtue of lives of previous effort, struggle, and attainment. Mani also said this explicitly and repeatedly, about herself and other members of the Circle.

Of course, it was different when He veiled them, and eventually He did give them the loving appellation “My broken-down furniture.” But that was after decades of His personal company. And they WERE broken because He broke them, because you see, that’s the price that every ego pays for God, and having broken them, he gave them the the Real Thing, the purpose of all of their lives together, which was exactly what He wrote of here: God-Realization.

But to call yourselves Broken-Down Furniture, when you were never accepted as furniture in the first place, is the height of hypocrisy. And I guarantee you that real Furniture that has been really Broken does not spend four decades of its lives gathering together in secret back-room backbiting conclaves for the purpose of systematically slandering people like Murshida Ivy Oenita Duce, Dr. James McKie, Sri Sri Sri Vir Singh “Bhauji” Kalchuri, Mehernath Kalchuri, and never demeaned enough yours truly. The proposed “furniture” that is alleged to have been broken by that has not been broken at all. What actually got broken by all that vicious self-absorbed nonsense has been the ongoing progress of Meher Baba’s Manifestation, and that, as I once wrote of Bhauji, “is like arguing with Niagra Falls.”

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, Maitreyayana 2nd Patriarch
07 Oct 15

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2 Responses to Meher Baba on God-Realization

  1. Jane says:

    Happy Bhau Anniversary. We all miss him.

    • Vishveshwar says:

      Thank You, Jane. I’ve been offline, and that’s why it’s taken me this long to reply. I’ve been on the “innernet” (sic.) with Bhauji for about the last seven years, and his spirit-presence is definitely still there for me. Every word that he said that I forgot in the meantime, and most of which I disagreed with at the time, comes back to haunt me, and it’s even more forceful than when he originally said it. For me, Bhauji will never die. And his words were always of benefit to all who heard them.

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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