Of London’s Pucca New Meher Baba Centre

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Subject:  London Baba Centre Reopening Celebrations This Weekend
Date:  Monday, 23rd November 2015

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

After a long period of renovation and refurbishment, the UK Meher Baba Association is pleased to announce the formal re-opening of its London Centre.

The re-opening of the Centre at 228 Hammersmith Grove, London, will be marked by a celebration this weekend of the 28th and 29th of November.

The work on reviving and uplifting the London Centre had been necessary for some time, but it was given a kickstart when serious damp problems appeared. These were having a detrimental effect, not just on the fabric of the building and its atmosphere, but also on certain important artefacts in the UK Group’s possession.

This was always going to be a major task, but when the Association was also given the opportunity of taking over responsibility for Baba’s pink coat – which had been in the care of Pete Townshend since Mehera originally gifted it to the UK Baba lovers – it became absolutely essential for the London Centre to be given a new lease of life.

Through Baba’s Grace, just when it was required, the Association was given a substantial donation towards making the Centre damp-proof and secure. At the same time, the loft space of the building was sold to a co-tenant of the property for an equally substantial amount. These sums allowed the U.K. Centre to be transformed into a place fit to be Baba’s U.K. Centre and a home for His coat, which now has pride of place in one of the main rooms, where it serves as a reminder of Baba’s Eternal Presence.

Anyone wishing to join in the celebrations at the London Centre is welcome, but advance notice of attendees is required so that everyone can be catered for comfortably and safely.

If you are interested, please contact either Jan Baker: bakerjan *at* hotmail *dot* co *dot* uk, or Tanya Moller: mollertanya *at* gmail *dot* com, as soon as possible, please.

Richard Cork
MBA Co-Chair

What a delightful occasion, and I do wonder which particular Royals have been invited, please?

Also, I hope the group can post some photos of this later. I am sure that I can get Darshan from even the photo of that pink coat, because I can already feel how connected it is. If such a photo were to appear, I would certainly download it, print it out, and display it on my altar.

Jai Jai Meher,

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