Vandalism at Meher Spiritual Center, Myrtle Beach

((editing on 10 Feb 16: A couple of teens were arrested in this vandalism case. Here is the link to the mainstream press story: WMBF News – 2 Teens Arrested for Vandalizing …

There has to be more to this story, i.e., more people involved. I believe this criminal incident was planned and executed beyond the native abilities of the two minors who committed it, and it may be an inside job because of the timing. I don’t really get excited about this kind of information. Nothing will change, and the Center won’t be protected from further insult, until somebody is tried, convicted, and punished. The naked apprehension of mere suspects, in and of itself, proves nothing and changes nothing.

There already is a positive side to this story, however. Mainstream reporters visited the Center and did a very positive write-up of it as a result of this. -vshr))

Subject: Special new message from Meher Spiritual Center:
Date: Friday, 29 January 2016

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

January 27, 2016

As many of you have heard by now, late in the day on January 23, 2016, there was serious vandalism at the Barn. Almost all of the interior furnishings were disturbed, and most were overturned or damaged; almost all of the window and door glass broken; all of the window sash frames broken; all of the screens torn; photos and frames broken and on the floor; the framed “Sahavas sayings” all broken; even the wagon wheel chandelier pulled down from the ceiling. The three fire extinguishers at the building were emptied mostly into the room. The small room beneath the Barn was broken into, some contents disturbed and the window sashes and glass all broken. But, incredibly, three chairs used by Baba—the large gold chair, another chair against the wall by the fireplace, and the green vinyl and wood armchair—were undamaged. No one was hurt, and the foundation and exterior of the building are intact.

The Horry County Police have undertaken an investigation, and we are encouraged by their response and confident of their professional handling of this terrible incident. We are cooperating fully in the investigation, and at this time do not have information about possible motives for the vandalism, nor insight as to the person or persons involved. We encourage all of you to join us in supporting the investigation as it continues, without speculating about motives and participants, and remain confident in Baba’s sustaining love and care for each and all.

At this time, the Barn is closed to visitors until evidence gathering is complete. We will let you know when clean-up and restoration efforts will begin. In the meantime, the location for the Amartithi celebration this Sunday, January 31, which has always been held in the Barn, will be announced in the next day or two through Meher Center Messages. We will inform you all of progress on a regular basis moving forward. And please do pass this information on to those who may not have seen it. The Barn can and will be restored, and the work will be done with the same attention, care, skill and love as the Barn has always received.

It rests with each heart to hearken to Baba’s Call, to find for themselves Baba’s Truth and to come to a fuller and deeper understanding of His purpose in such deeply disturbing events. For our part, we take this opportunity to continue to strengthen both our internal links with each other in the Divine Beloved, and our resolve to make the changes and improvements that this event has clarified the need for.

Friends of the Center from all over the world have sent messages of shared anguish, offers of help, and heartfelt support. It has been most heartwarming—but not surprising—to see the courage, dedication and love expressed by all concerned, in Myrtle Beach and afar.

Isn’t it so deeply touching that in the midst of all this destruction and distress stands the tall yellow chair, Meher Baba’s chair, untouched, as if the Beloved is saying, “See? I am here! While the scaffolding may be pulled down, My Love is Eternal.”

In His Embracing Spirit,
The Board and Staff of the Center


This is part of Meher Baba’s ongoing Manifestation. No one is immune.

The Manifestation of God’s Avatar is no joke. This is a time for vigilance and consciousness. It is NOT a time for “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” casual attention, informality, carelessness, and irresponsibility.

Nothing that is sacred will be allowed to exist on this planet if it’s not actively defended.

Jai Jai Meher,
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

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2 Responses to Vandalism at Meher Spiritual Center, Myrtle Beach

  1. Sudhakar says:

    Is there any information on what was the motive behind these attacks ?

    • Vishveshwar says:

      Dear Friend,

      I don’t have any information other than what you see here, which was published by that group to the Worldwide Family list.

      This kind of thing is not uncommon in the West. Sufism Reoriented, of which I was a member at the time, frequently suffered vandalism in the ’70’s and ’80’s. Where there is Light, the shadows gather. We know that. Meher Baba Himself suffered the outrages of such things as rampaging monkeys, who would come specifically to distract Him from His Universal Work by jumping up and down on the tin roof of the shed that he was using for said Work. ((It just occurred to me that the Chinese Year of the Monkey begins this coming Sunday. Sufis in my audience, please commence the Zikr that is yours this instant, and DO NOT STOP until you are Pir-o-Murshid or better. Do. Not. Mess. with me about this, OK? I know exactly what I’m talking about here! vshr))

      This planet, in general, is no friend to God, His Work, or the people who belong to Him and/or are committed to Him and His Work. As the classical Muslim Sufis put it, “The world IS forgetfullness of God.” And believe me, those worthies knew exactly the thing of which they spoke, because they had suffered directly the outrageous automatic opposition of Maya which is the fate of all who love God on this planet, without exception.

      To adopt the thoroughly irresponsible attitude of “Don’t worry, Be Happy,” in the face of these facts, which have been proven by literally millennia of bitter experience, would be despicable, insupportable, and clinically stupid, at best.

      Jai Jai Meher,
      Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

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