Post Mortem on the Amartithi Live Broadcast

A couple of vintage Usual. Meherabad. Suspects. hit the stage at Amartithi 2016. Ted Judson, right, one of my favorite human beings, is an architect and folk singer. He has been responsible for the great majority of the beautiful world-class architecture that has come to characterize Meherabad, and he often leads Aarti before Meher Baba’s Samadhi. Ward Parks, left, is an intellectual who has been the major perpetrator of Infinite Intelligence, as well as a highly talented song-writer and performer. He actually prefers the electronic keyboad, which he often brings to Aarti before Meher Baba’s Samadhi. That community is hard on intellectuals.

I thought that Mehernath was being particularly salik on this occasion, and he seems in much better health than the last time I saw him. His energy was crisp and clean, and everything he said was to the point. I think he’s really growing into his role as Trustee.

This appears to have been a Persian Sufi group, and theirs was the most beautiful performance, by far, in my opinion.

Here’s the dirt on traffic. That spike you see on the right was the highest daily traffic on record for this site, slightly up from last year’s Amartithii traffic. The distribution by country was typical for this site, except for the prominence of Canada. The East Asians who sometimes float over here from my other site were not present for Amartithi. A small number of Muslims has become a typical traffic characteristic, and I guarantee you, this is the tip of an iceberg. The Arab world, i.e., the Muslim mainstream, is finally starting to tune in on the present Rasool-Allah, and this is going to change the entire nature of Meherabad, let alone this site, which can’t really cater to them.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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