Malunggay – A Superfood Favored by Maitreya Meher

I first encountered the (most probably boiled) pods of the malunggay tree in the dining hall of Hostel D, Meherabad. The food there is heavily South Indian, and it’s the best food available locally, IMO. In general in India, for great food and medicine both, go south. In that first encounter with the then still unnamed malunggay, Bob Street, a “long-time Meherabad resident” and very competent and conscientious Homeopathic doctor, trained by Padri no less, was sitting at my table at Hostel D, watching me trying to decrypt where I had already seen the mysterious okra-esque substance that was sitting on my fork. He volunteered the information: “It’s common in South Indian food, and Meher Baba liked it. You strip the pulp out of the pod between your teeth.” …

((Editing on 30 apr 16: the complete content of the original post has been transferred to: Malunggay – A Superfood Favored by Maitreya Meher, a new page in the Health section (on the bloghead naviqation bar) – vshr))

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