The Latest Proof that India is the Light of Asia

Source: Today Online

Cows are peaceful, benevolent, harmless, friendly, productive, and loving. They are sacred to Bharat Mata (Mother India), Bhumi Devi (Gaia, the planetary guardian spirit) and Adi Shakti (The Goddess, Primordial Energy, God’s Consort).

When we protect cows, we gain the blessing of all of the above. A society like India which by consensus protects cows, is necessarily and by definition stable, kind, loving, generous, prosperous, progressive in every kind of way, and blessed by Heaven.

Whenever India bestows the same love on foreigners in general, and Westerners in particular, that it currently bestows on cows, it will then become the Light of the World instead of merely the Light of Asia, and that in fact is God’s intention for it. Therefore, let us also set that intention, beloveds, for who is a winner but who wants what God wants, and who is a loser but whoever flouts God’s wishes?

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
Vishveshwar Cowananda Bodhisattva

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