Riff of 11 Sep 16 – Baba Family Chat Xscripts et. al.

Although I do not participate in the Family Chat program, I get mail about it, which I haven’t been paying much attention to, but I notice that the last two weekly announcements included xscripts of the previous week’s program. Since I was one of the people who originally agitated for these, I think it would perhaps be considered normal to show some appreciation by archiving these here. This is not an attempt to either replace or compete with any other archives of this material that may be maintained either by the Chat Team or the Trust, but just as a convenient local resource for my readers, many of whom are either new to Baba, or have literally never heard of Him before, and I think they would check it out to get a sense of the Community, just for openers. I have archived the last two weeks in the *MB Community* section, on the bloghead navigation bar, and will add to that as long as the intrepid and loyal Team continues to send them to my mailbox.

The Web, including this Chat program, is not a source of my guidance from Meher Baba, it is a source of my service, to the limited ability I have for service. My guidance comes directly from either Meher Baba or his sister Manija. (Bhauji called this “being on the *innernet*) Being on the innernet tends to make me have an attitude which is not always service oriented, I feel, and it’s something I need to get over. That attitude is also something that Manija would deplore.

This site is not exactly mine anymore. Most of the traffic to it is generated by the Master. Sites that I establish always go somewhere that I did not personally intend, and so be it, already!

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

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