Baba Family Chat Transcripts et. al.

The loyal and intrepid Chat Team has continued to cough up tanscripts to chat sessions, and there is now a full month of them archived here: Baba Family Chat Xscripts (Index), in the MB Community section on the main navigation bar. These include several by one of the Trustees, Mehernath Kalchuri, and one by the Chairman Shridhar Kelkar, which are well worth reading.

I like this kind of information on this blog, because like the entire blog, it’s an informal or unofficial channel of communication. One of the things that I caught from my father, who was a first-class Ma Bell administrator, is that administrators always look for this. They always want something to check against the official channel. The informal channel will always be treated for what it is, but it will never be entirely ignored by a really world-class admin. And I know damned well that what I write does have its effect. I’m read not only in Meherabad, Meherazad, and Ahmednagar, but in Beijing, Washington DC, and the Big Apple. Of course, not all of those people have the same motivation, Xi Jinping is terrified by me, as well he might be. I’m advocating his overthrow, in both Chinese and English.

And while we’re in this neighborhood of administration, the reason why I disappeared the “favorite posts and pages” feature in the right sidebar of both of my blogs was too many administrative spikes, and in both cases, most of that traffic was gangs of people hitting the same three pages, month in and month out, and year in and year out. In the case of this blog, there’s absolutely no way you’re going to get a balanced idea of either Meher Baba or me by continuously hitting the same three pages, I don’t care what the particular pages are. Frankly, I don’t believe that all of this was caused by mindless lemmings simply reading only what had already been read by others. I think some of it was being actively directed by certain individuals with agendas about me.

They can still do that behind the scenes of course, but now they can’t point to that feature to prove that I am particularly interested in those pages. The interest is theirs, and this kind of backbiting is the worst feature of Meher Baba’s people at Meherabad. Meher Baba hated backbiting. When I criticize I do it openly and publicly, which at least gives those I criticize the opportunity to face their accuser. The reason these hypocrites don’t face me is that besides being back-biters, they are also cowards who habitually hide not only their true feelings in general, but their thoroughly vicious slander in particular.

Since I removed that feature, the traffic has become normal again, although smaller on both blogs. I do not work for that despicable slut named traffic, the latest and most disgusting devotee of the ancient Bitch Goddess Fortune!

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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