“Will we have War?”

Last night somebody on the ground actually asked me in so many words, “Are we going to have war?” I said, “In my opinion, God has forbidden war because that would be too easy. We’re just going to have to learn how to solve our problems.”

After three hours spent obsessing about all the things that could have been wrong with that answer, and then sleeping on it, the only thing I would add is: “There is war. Bazillions of micro-organisms are trying to kill me this instant, but both me and God have forbidden it.”

Next problem, please!

This kind of question was the original meaning of “Koan” (公案)” in Japanese Zen or Huatou (话头) in Chinese Zen. It’s a question/paradox that eats your mind. An empty mind is the only real answer to this kind of question, and civilians never arrive at it because, since they never practiced Zen, they don’t have enough energy to get sufficiently obsessed to let it work. In the Avataric Cycle, both wisdom and instruction are where you find them. Randomly-encountered ittle old ladies can give you the absolute authentic huatou that is yours, but the real issue is still the same: can you use it to Enlightenment, or will you simply be terrified about the implications (in this example, of the meaning actually intended by the questioner, but in a monastic context, of being punished for continuing to fail your koan).

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

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