Open Letter to the Chairman of AMBPPCT

Dear Shridhar,

Thank you for your snail mail of Oct 28. Sorry for being so late to respond. I don’t often get over to the other side of the island where my PO box is located. So for the future, if you send me snail mail requiring action, please also send a note to my email address: viveshwar”at” to warn me.

It is in that same spirit that I write this open letter to you, because frankly what the content of your letter implies to me is that someone in your office has stabbed us both in the back by interfering with our mail, and that the next casualty of this treachery may well be the substantive snail mail that I sent to you today in reply, which would also clear my way to come to India for Meher Baba’s Birthday next February.

I do intend to continue contributing to the Trust every month. That is Mani’s wish, my wish, and God’s wish. But it would seem that some of the contributions that I sent simply failed to arrive at your desk, and/or also were seriously delayed in being negotiated. One of them still has not cleared my bank after more than 60 days, and I will send no more contributions until the cause of these irregularities is located and cleared.

((editing on 06 Jan – all of my outstanding checks to AMBPPCT cleared today. Thanks, Shridhar, you’re awesome! – vshr))

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

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