Comments on Direction, Myrtle Beach Center Executive Director Announcement

((With respect to the following communication from Myrtle Beach, I’m happy that the qualifications for the candidate for Executive Director don’t include the current Ahmednagar buzz word “unity,” which, in real fact, was never used by Meher Baba Himself. In general, when governments and organizations obsess “unity,” all this means is that they’re getting ready to delete your civil rights and human rights, or else this same word is their excuse after the fact of already having done that.

But in addition to that, in the case of AMBPPCT, this “unity” trip in Ahmednagar is just the latest in a long line of clandestine attempts to create a religion in Meher Baba’s name, which is exactly what He did not want, and I hope that Meher Spiritual Center never gets sucked into such a betrayal of the entire purpose of Meher Baba’s Advent.

After the overwhelming primacy of Divine Love (Prem) itself, the major theme of Meher Baba’s life and work was exactly His continuous and virulent denunciations of those seeking to establish a religion in His name. For Meher Baba, direction was always critical, and religion was always equally taboo.

Bhauji would have been in favor of a proper Executive Director at Meher Spiritual Center, and for what it’s worth, so am I. –vshr))

Meher Spiritual Center Executive Director Announcement

Worldwide Baba Family Chat/Meeting Team
Apr 25 at 3:48 PM

Message body

Subject: Meher Spiritual Center to Hire an Executive Director

From The Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Board of Directors

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Greetings to our extended Baba Family,

We are writing to share with you all some important news. The Center is entering a new era in which, in addition to maintaining our primary focus on providing the Center as a retreat, we will also focus on fulfilling other aspects of the charter that Meher Baba approved. These including service, dissemination of Meher Baba’s life and message, and providing leadership within the Meher Baba community. In order to help fulfill these roles, we are recruiting a qualified individual to serve as the executive director for the Center.

As we seek candidates for this position, the most important qualification will be their full dedication to the purposes of Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. as laid down by Baba. We will also be looking for a candidate who possesses excellent leadership, communication, and management skills. The qualities of service, humility, and responsibility that Baba indicated were the watchwords of the spiritual life will also be essential. You can find an in-depth position description on the Center’s website:

HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank”

including instructions for how to apply.

If after reviewing the position description, you are interested in being considered for the position of executive director, we encourage you to apply.

Or, if there are others who you believe would be a good candidate, please make them aware of the opportunity and encourage them to apply.

As the Center moves forward into this new era, we trust wholly in His loving guidance and know that the Center will always be His, a place of pilgrimage for all time.

The Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Board of Directors
Anna Lena Phillips Bell, Adi Blum, Buz Connor, Ann Edelman,
Bruce Felknor, Annie Hall, Linda Hansen, Meherwan Irani,
Barbara Plews, Daniel Stone, Jo Taylor and Michael Tych


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3 Responses to Comments on Direction, Myrtle Beach Center Executive Director Announcement

  1. Santosh says:

    I want to visit spiritual center one day sir, pray to baba that spiritual center stays away from problems that are being faced in meherabad and meherazad.

    Very sad to read this article about meherabad. problem also there is meherazad for road. Baba will save meherabad and meherazad.

    • Vishveshwar says:


      Thanks for this very sincere and informative comment. I have not yet visited the Darvish Khan link, but I can tell already that that fine gentleman, with whom I have quarreled in the past, has seriously come to his senses about the importance of the basic issues that beset Meherabad and Khushru Quarters in Ahmednagar. Just for the record, Meherazad, IMO, is not part of the problem and in fact, still remains basically under the guidance of Manija S. Irani.

      Everyone who has not yet visited Meher Baba’s Samadhi at Meherabad should do that, first order of business. This is for you directly from God. Even if you had to fight your way through both underworld gangs and SWAT teams, you should still do it. Even if both sides of the Path up Meherabad hill were lined on both sides with stinking brothels, you should still do it.

      IMO, the current complete and utter failure of the enactment of Meher Baba’s wishes, as laid out in the founding documents of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, was pre-ordained up by Him, so that the Community would get the experience of dealing with this kind of betrayal of His purposes by His own organization, early enough in its history that there would still be a critical mass of His followers alive who remebered His actual Presence, and what He actually wanted at Meherabad, and who could therefore act together, with overwhelming group force, to correct this.

      The dynamics of this are critical to Meher Baba’s Manifestation. No self-appointed Czar, such as Motormouth Kalchuri, and no number or persistence of smoky back-room back-biting scenarios (by primarily Western elitists), which has been the ONLY effective mechanism for making any decision whatsoever in the entire Community at Meherabad since Mani’s death, can correct the utterly poisonous group culture that has been nurtured there by the combination of left-over Parsee immigrant psychology on the Indian side, pure God-damned spiritual ineptitude on the Western side, and unbelievable primitive stupidity (primordial avidya) everywhere.

      Only a dedicated Community so thoroughly and terminally aroused that it will act together with a force that will persist for 700 years until the Avatar Comes Again, can fix this organization mess at Meherabad, and so be it!

      Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,

  2. Vishveshwar says:

    My thoughts on that great referenced article above, on Darvish Khan’s blogsite:

    “It will come to an end when people are on their knees crying, “O God, O God!”

    Can you imagine The. Kliner. doing that with a straight face? I can. Indite him to a Muslim court which orders his right hand cut off, next problem please!

    There have been far too many lies, far too many words, and far too much blatant poisonous greed, to leave any remaining possibility for clemency on people like The. Kliner. If those in charge in Mehernagar don’t act effectively in his case, and the cases of his peers in the Hostile Group that Baba warned us of, God certainly will take that entire affair out of their hands, by replacing them with people who can act effectively in His service. Such traitorous members of AMBPPCT are certainly already close to an evil end.

    Jai Jai Meher,

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