Re: The October Trust Program about 1917 in Meher Baba’s Life

((I’m sorry that this following message sat in my mailbox for two months before I discovered it. I haven’t had as much energy for the web since I started singing again and playing ‘ukelele. Also, personally I just don’t like this particular program format, to the point that I just tend to block info about it. Sorry. -vshr))

Worldwide Baba Family Chat/Meeting Team

AMBPPCT Program: Celebrating Century of Baba’s Love & Work-14th Oct. 2017

Worldwide Baba Family Chat/Meeting Team
Jul 26 at 1:22 AM


Message body

Date: Tuesday, 25 July 2017
Subject: AMBPPCT Program: Celebrating Century of Baba’s Love & Work-14th Oct. 2017

First Annual A.M.B.P.P.C. Trust Programme
(Centenary Years of 1917-1969)
14th October 2017 at Meherabad

After Meher Baba’s realisation in 1914, Beloved Baba started showing some signs of normality by 1916, and in 1917, He actually took up some responsibility of the worldly life.

2017 is the centenary year of the important landmark events in Baba’s life in 1917.

A programme is organised to celebrate the 100th year of 1917 events in Baba’s life.

For example, in 1917 the major activity was Baba’s involvement in His father’s business of toddy shop and later on His own independent toddy shop, and also picking up His early Mandali for His Avataric mission.

There are many such important landmark events that mark this period before His actual Avataric mission started in 1922.

From 1917 to 1969, each year marks a centenary year between 2017 and 2069. It is, therefore, proposed that from 2017 to 2069 each year will be celebrated through this series of programmes in order to acquaint Beloved Baba’s lovers with Baba’s life and work.

The Trust has already organised a Legacy Programme titled “Discovering the Avataric Treasure” for the last few years. On 9th and 10th February 2018, the 8th Annual Legacy Programme will be organised.

The 2018 February Pogramme will cover the period of Baba’s life and work between 1939-1945. PowerPoint presentations will be made on various aspects of Baba’s life and work from different periods. For those who are not able to attend the February Programme because of college exams and closing of the financial year, the October Programme is organised to benefit them to give them some idea of the Legacy Programme.

Presentations are invited for the October Programme based on any of the major activities and work of Baba’s life in 1917. Presentations can be made in the following ways:

1. A short video/film/skit of any 1917 event;
2. A short speech of 10-15 minutes about this period;
3. Painting and artwork for exhibition during the Programme;
4. Music, songs, bhajans, and poetry based on the events during this year, or
5. Any other art form depicting this activity.


Each presenter will be given 10-15 minutes for their oral presentation or slideshow.

Interested Baba lovers may communicate their willingness to participate in this programme by informing us by 31st August 2017 and indicating the topic of their interest.

Please send details to:

Gokaran Shrivastava
Librarian, Meherabad Hill Library
hill *dot* library *at* ambppct *dot* org
gokaranshrivastava *at* gmail *dot* com
(+91) 0241-2458473.

For any artwork, the presenter has to make his or her own arrangement. The Trust will not be supplying any art material.

Kindly maintain the stipulated date for submitting your topic of interest and the duration of sharing. The artwork will, however, be displayed at the allotted place for the entire period of the programme, and for displaying the art exhibits, the artists have to come to Meherabad one day before and put their artwork on display boards and take the responsibility for their display material.

For any further clarification please contact:

Jal P. Dastoor
Coordinator, Library Committee at Meherabad
jaibaba *at* ambppct *dot* org
(+91) 0241-2548777.

Shridhar Kelkar,
Chairman, Avatar Meher Baba Trust
19th June 2017, Meherabad

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