Shridhar Kelkar, You. Have. Mail.

Dear Sir,

Today I posted you registered mail #RF170849304US, containing these items:

1. Cashiers Check #500838815, in the amount of $750.00, to replace the two money orders that I sent you early this year, and which finally arrived back here, still not negotiated after a time lapse of more than six months. I was able to recover their value by endorsing them over to my bank.

2. An accompanying letter from Mehernath Kalchuri which proposed this solution the Trust’s radically deteriorating tardiness, over the entire previous year, in negotiating my financial paper: WIRE THE MONEY to me, please, under my special instructions, enclosed herein. Those instructions were not present in the envelope I finally received back, and I believe that they were deleted by the Ahmednagar clerk who opened that mail (after it had bounced back to India off an obsolete PO Box in Hawaii), noted “date rec’d” on the old envelope, and enclosed that annotated envelope with the money orders in question and Mehernath’s letter in a fresh official Trust envelope and so forwarded it to me. Why couldn’t the bounced mail simply be forwarded as it was, unopened, unless there was a need to hide the evidence of what Mehernath was up to with secret special instructions about transactions that are normally done through the mail?

(You know, but I think that the Community at large and the world both need to know that this attempted evasion of oversight by Mehernath was in direct contradiction to what you had already told me in correspondence between you and me, to which Mehernath was not party. You were the one who suggested ‘speed checks’ which translates to cashiers checks on this side of the water, so I followed that direction and it has now worked twice in a row, in that I have gotten official Trust receipts back from two subsequent quarterly donations, which undoubtedly means that they were successfully negotiated. True, the time required to turn a transaction around has now increased from two weeks (before all the damned nonsense started), to five weeks in real time. But at least transactions can again be completed in some semblance of normal order.)

3. The front of said used and annotated envelope.

4. The usual required statement of intention by the donor.

My guidance is very clear that I am to have nothing whatsoever to do with Mehernath Kalchuri ever again, on any level, for the rest of this life, and I agree with her.

Mehernath is very clearly your responsibility, Shridhar, because you’re his immediate administrative superior. Frankly, I think that the two of you deserve each other, and may God have mercy on both of your souls.

Please expect my next quarterly donation on my designated schedule.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai,
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

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