Adding to the 5.24 legacy

I previously wrote something about this here: The Significance of May 24

So when Donald Trump cancelled a summit meeting with the reigning anal-explosive dictator of East Asia yesterday (24 May), he was adding to this legacy. I have two comments about how this event relates to Meher Baba. Baba said “America has been after My blood for a long time,” meaning that it was now time, finally in this life, for America to become part of the Avatar’s work.

In this context, therefore, I have two comments:

1. Weird Hair Boi is the presenting symptom of everything about East Asia that must now change for this planet to go on according to the current Avatar’s plan. That change is clearly America’s kuleana, not only because America continues to be the most powerful nation on earth, but because President Donald Trump is the only leader who has sufficient brains, guts, and balls to deal effectively with His Exalted Weirdness.

2. Every single stroke and nuance of everything that presents with both Weird Hair Boi and his sanctimoniously smirking local sugar daddy has been seen, in detail, in innumerable previous East Asian political scenarios for decades and centuries, and every person in Asia knows quite well how to resolve this with minimal grief and blood loss, and in the shortest time: The damned fool Emperor is simply assassinated, typically by poison and typically by someone he trusts deeply, that is, a woman that he loves. The legendary Cixi Taihou, who ended the Qing Dynasty by systematically killing its entire bloodline, in a clandestine process that went on for decades, was only the most prominent and recent example of this.

In this cultural and historical context, North Korea’s nuclear pretensions and threats are nothing but a blatant scam, and every conscious person in Asia knows this. But the West has bought this outrageous scam hook, line, and sinker, and everybody in Asia knows that about us as well. Avatar Meher Baba’s Work, what He referred to as “The Breaking of My Silence,” is largely and very specifically please, the exposure and destruction of all such scams, once and for all, and on ALL levels. Only then can the Avatar’s Plan prevail, by the general adherence to the normal human values that already prevail in general on earth, with the prominent and thoroughly untenable exception of East Asia.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

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