Of my current Wallpaper (8 Oct 18)

My last stable wallpaper was Black Is Back. That one was the result of a successful search for clarity. But then having finally arrived at it, how does one get off the dead center that can be the final result of absolute clarity? So after staring at that for a few years, and going through some really messy compositional transitions, I came up with the following, “Panchgani Groovin’.”

The pattern in the field here is from this current news article: Prime numbers, crystals share similar structural patterns This is apparently what you see when you shine lazers through a peculiar substance called a “quasicrystal.” I was immediately attracted to it because of the pentagonal symmetry, which is similar to what you find in some Arabesque patterns. These Muslim sacred patterns represent the infinite attributes of God, and so they are not given borders, and that plus their geometry gives them the same radiant quality that we see here. This is the first wallpaper I’ve created that actually gives me an initial jolt of energy when I look at it.

“There is much more order in prime numbers than ever previously discovered,” Salvatore Torquato, professor of chemistry and the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials, said in a news release. “We showed that the primes behave almost like a crystal or, more precisely, similar to a crystal-like material called a ‘quasicrystal.'”

The graphic at the left is Meher Baba sitting in front of his Seclsion cave at Panchgani, in the Satara District near his home base at Meherabad. According to this Wikipedia article on Panchgani, this name means “Five Villages,” so you see, this number five WILL come back to haunt us. I wasn’t thinking of the Sanskrit root for five (panch) when I instinctively put this graphic with this pattern. I was thinking of the principle of Seclusion, and this combination is what fell out of that thought.

Oh, and hey, did I mention that Meher Baba had five Perfect Masters, or that my birth number is five, or that five is considered both the most powerful and the most dangerous number, the number of the Shah, in the ancient system of numerology that came across the Silk road, most probably from Persia, or that five is also the characteristic number of China, or that both Japan and Taiwan are also seriously involved with this number, quite apart from any interaction between them, or with China on this point?

Of course, there is one significance of five that I really don’t have to remind anyone of, but I hereby do it anyway:

The entire collection of wallpapers that I have posted here can be found at: Meher/Mani Wallpapers

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

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