Activity Update of 11 Dec 16

((Chat is getting increasingly iffy through time. Not even Trustees can fill in the gaps anymore. Personally, I just don’t trust speculations about what may happen, and I’ve edited them out of this Newsletter. I’ll publish about future events that are consciously planned enough to be announced well in advance, and/or that depend on teamwork apart from mere chat. And, as always, I’ll publish coherent records of things that have already happened.

And while we’re on what I won’t do, if the web-stream for Amartithi next year requires registration, I won’t view it or publish the link. -vshr))

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Chat is back! As announced in earlier notices, Chatwallas were out of town on last two Sundays 27th Nov and 4th Dec. We’re very sorry that we did not send a cancellation notice last week…Now we have a big team again – Robin, Patrick and Judy have returned to India! Time for Meher Baba Chat-Meeting Family reunion! Please join us this Sunday, and invite new friends.

You are lovingly invited to the weekly Worldwide Meher Baba Family Internet Chat/Meeting from Meherabad

SUNDAY, 11th December

5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. India time


On Sunday, 11th December 2016, we do not yet have a guest to announce, but there may be a surprise! There may be reports about the recent program in Udtara/Satara for the 60th anniversary of Meher Baba’s accident, about visits to Nauranga-Meherastana in Hamirpur district for the annual Meher Mela there, about a visit to the pilgrimage city of Pandharpur and Marwade village for Meher Baba programs, and our USA “foreign return” pilgrims may report on recent Baba activities there.

We’ll remember dearest Mani, whose birthday is coming up this week on 15th December. She joined Beloved Baba twenty years ago, in 1996.

11th December is Shiva’s birthday (Bhauji’s Lynwood Sawyer/Shiva, not Lord Shiva!) and if he Skypes us from UK, we’ll sing Happy Happy Birthday and offer cyber-cake!


There were no Chat-Meetings on the last two Sundays. On 27th Nov, we had a wonderful and touching talk from Baskera Raju, who came from Andhra to Ahmednagar when his father T. Kutumb Sastri was appointed by Meher Baba as the first Chairman of the Trust – 1959.

He told the touching story of his marriage to Usha, arranged with Baba’s blessing with the initial motive that the Ahmednagar Centre bhajan party did not want Usha to move away from Ahmednagar with her own family – they would lose one of their best singers! Both Baskera Raju and Usha had many opportunities to have Baba’s darshan, including just after their marriage.

Baskera showed us a beautiful photo of Baba wearing a crown which was given by Him as their wedding gift.

Baskera lived at Khushru Quarters for a short time – he told us that he once was asked by Baba to drive the ladies Mandali back to Meherazad at around midnight, after their evening visit to Sarosh Cinema! Baba and the men mandali had seen the earlier show.

Usha sang some beautiful bhajans for us in her classically-trained soprano voice – still strong at age 83!

We are very grateful to Baskera Raju and Usha for sharing with us.