Baba Family Chat Xscript – 16 Oct 16

On Sunday, 16th October 2016 (New Life Day), our Chat opened with an apology to all who hoped to join in the New Life Padyatra in the morning via the webcast. We did not succeed, though Judy and Zahra made a valiant effort. The computer encoding and internet USB source did not work – we are not that intrepid, yet!

Following the prayers from all religions and Baba’s “Seven Names of God” and “Beloved God” prayer, Zahra sang “the Song of the New Life” composed by Dr. Abdul Ghani Munsiff, in Hindi, while accompanying herself on daf-drum. She remarked how so many of the words were similar to Persian (or Urdu) words. She translated in her own way this now epic song which has several melodic settings and is sung in East and West, in Hindi and in English.

From Jamie Newell’s beautiful version:

“If you really want to live the New Life, you must renounce the false life.”

It is the song which Mani told us she could hardly hear or sing again in her life – as it invoked the profound hardships of that unique – and also uniquely free – New Life with Him that she, Mehera, Meheru and Goher had shared with the 20 men companions.

The first verse of the “Song of the New Life” from:

The first two couplets were dictated to Ghani by Baba.

“Listen to the silent words of Meher Baba;
The life-story of all lovers (of God) is based on the practice of these words.
If you are serious about living this New Life,
Then wholeheartedly renounce this ephemeral existence.
We have taken to this life, in which we rely only on God;
In this, our will (to do or die) is strengthened by the oath taken.
We are merrily singing the song of hopelessness;
We are inviting all calamities and difficulties.
We neither wail over lost hopes, nor complain about (broken) promises;
We neither covet honor, nor shun disgrace;
Backbiting we know not, nor do we fear anyone;
This is now the color of our New Life.”

After Zahra’s rendition of the Song of the New Life, both Joanna (Mother P4) and Janice (Mother C) gave short accounts of the New Life Padyatra event that had taken place that morning from 7:00 a.m. until about 2:00 p.m. to commemorate the first day of Meher Baba’s New Life on 16th October 1949.

Though the Padyatra does not take place every year, there have been many previous New Life Padyatras in Ahmednagar and Meherabad, including one last year in 2015.

Janice and Joanna recounted the morning’s Padyatra during our Chat – all chatwallas participated in the Walk and were invigorated by

A fuller account from this year’s walk with some enhancement AND photos, as well as an account of the celebration of Eruch’s Centenary at Meherabad on 14th October, will be sent to the mailing list very soon!

We concluded with Skype sessions with Charlie Talk and Talk – who is temporarily back in El Salvador – Betty (Lemon Mummy) in Oregon, Norman (Habib#1) who reported about Wilmington’s Hurricane Matthew escape, and the evacuation, closing, but through Baba’s grace, the ultimate safety of Meher Center at Myrtle Beach. It will be re-opening next week after the clean-up of fallen trees and debris; our final Skype was with dear Anna Chatwalla (Queen of New York from Chicago).

We hope to soon meet you new Skypers with whom we could not connect!

So ended our New Life Day Chat!

Loving Jai Babas to all who joined us, and we hope that you will enjoy this Sunday’s webcast and look forward to joining us in our regular Chat/Meeting next week.