Baba Family Chat Xscript – 2 Oct 16

On Sunday, 2nd October, we had a delightful Chat-‘Wineshop’ as we webcast from Meher Nazar with Mehernath Kalchuri, his mother Rama Kalchuri, and our very fine singer Ashok Ambulkar. We opened with Ashok singing Bhauji’s ghazal, “Do din….” which means “two days.” “What of the world and its affairs – What was here before and what is here now? It is the sport/mela of two days…”

As the generous monsoon rains poured down outside, Mehernath gave news about the New Life Padyatra (walk) from Meher Nazar/Trust Compound to Meherabad which will take place next Sunday, 16th October. It is organized by two Arangaon Meher Baba Centres, the Meher Welfare Foundation in Arangaon, and the AMB Ahmednagar Centre.

Mehernath spoke about past AMB Centre events commemorating the New Life, such as the visit to the guest house in Supa where, in 1949, Baba spent the first night of the New Life with the Mandali.

When asked if he knew about the Meher Baba’s New Life when he was growing up, Mehernath spoke about the very simple life in Meherabad and at Khushru Quarters/Ahmednagar Centre during Baba’s time. The talks and speeches he heard about Meher Baba in those days were given by Adi K. Irani, Sarosh K. Irani, Chaagan Master, Amir Singh Saigal, Girjanan Dubey and others. At that time, the New Life was not really discussed by the Mandali, so it took time and reading for Mehernath to become aware of the meaning and significance of Baba’s New Life.

Mehernath told some very intriguing and amusing stories about the times that he and his mother and sister spent with Mohammed mast, and with his caretakers Padri, Sidhu and Radha – Mohammed asking Rama to cook and bring mutton for him, Mohammed giving Mehernath his “signature” on a piece of paper, Mohammed making Sheela stand inside a circle for hours on end, Mohammed’s local Marathi nickname as “Jagroo” or “Fighter,” and so on.

Rama also told some stories in Hindi about Mohammed, with much laughter, and sang several Hindi bhajans.

Mehernath and one of our visitors, Mr Nimbulkar, spoke about a popular local Ahmednagar mast, Kondiram Mast, whom Baba had contacted, and another interesting person that presently stays near Chand Bibi tomb that may be a mast.

We heard from Mehernath about the sacred histories of the land where Baba created Meherabad and Meherazad – how Baba spoke of the visits there long ago by Krishna, Vitthal (Krishna), and Ram; and of the Perfect Master and saints associated with Arangaon.

He also told a story of the family’s last visit to Beloved Baba at Meherazad one Sunday in late 1968, when Baba asked Adi K. Irani to bring Rama, Sheela and Mehernath in his Chevrolet car.

Another visitor to chat, Dinesh from Mumbai, asked about the advice he had received from others about going straight home after visiting Samadhi. Mehernath spoke about Baba’s wish for those who attended His sahavases during His lifetime, and told the story of GKS Murthy carrying home Baba’s precious hug to his wife – without touching anyone on the way home. He explained that Baba didn’t specifically give such an order about His Samadhi – but that it is important to try keep the focus on Baba, concentrate on Him, hold on to the atmosphere of your visit here, and if possible to carry that “hug” from one’s own darshan directly back to one’s native place and family.

Mehernath spoke in a very heartfelt way about the slipping away of focus on Meher Baba as people here at Meherabad and in the world get more and more embroiled in worldly things – land, plots, building houses, money, development, business, politics, etc. – and emphasised how our work here should be always to remember Him, concentrate on Him, focus on Him and to maintain the atmosphere of Love and Oneness in Him. He also spoke about the suffering that is the inevitable gift of those closely connected and working for Him.

There were several wonderful Skype exchanges with Anna (Queen of New York) in Chicago, who reported about the recent Sahavas there with Davana Brown and Bobbi Bernstein as guests; Betty (Lemon Mummy) in Portland, and Norman (Habib #1) in Wilmington, N.C.