Baba Family Chat Xscript – 23 Oct 16

Please note – an account of Eruch’s 100th birthday celebration on 14th October and the New Life Padyatra of 16th October will be sent shortly.

On Sunday, 23rd October, our Chat Meeting coincided with a celebration of the third anniversary of Baba’s dear Mandali and Trust Chairman from 1996, Bhau Kalchuri, joining his Beloved Baba on this date in 2013.

A happy busload of pilgrims and residents from Meherabad arrived at Meher Nazar at 6 pm to join the Kalchuri family (Rama, Mehernath and Raj), Avatar Meher Baba Ahmednagar Centre members, and the Meher Nazar team for a lovely and lively celebration in the Ahmednagar Centre which opened with the prayers from all religions, Meher Baba’s Seven Names of God (Hari, Paramatma…) and the “Beloved God” Prayer.

[The night before, the Ahmednagar Centre had celebrated the anniversary of its inauguration by Beloved Baba on 21st October, 1962, which coincided with Mehernath Kalchuri’s birthday on 22nd October, so decorations were still in place!]

Shaheen Khorshandi (Khanbahadur Munsiff), Bhauji’s personal attendant from 2010-2013, led the Zoroastrian prayer, and also sang with all heart the Persian arti composed by Baba’s Mandali Aloba – as he often did before Bhauji’s talks.

The program proceeded with: two ghazals (one each from Bhauji’s Meher Sarod and Meher Roshani) selected at random and read in a most touching way by Meherabad resident Laurel Beymer; a beautiful song in Spanish by Carla de Sousa, our Meherabad resident from Argentina, joined by Josephina, a very new pilgrim from Spain via Shirdi; and a brief show-and-tell by Janice (Mother C-emcee), with the help of Paul Liboiron, of Bhauji’s legacy to us of so many books written under Baba’s direct guidance.

Following this there was an exquisite rendition of Bhau’s ghazal “O Moon!” sung by Myrtle Beach pilgrim Jeff Wolverton with Nan Wicker on guitar, and another beautiful song “Love’s Way” (?) which featured Nan and Jeff’s fine harmonies; a wonderful kathak (classical Indian) dance performance by Sheetal of Pune-Mumbai, enacting a divine play between Radha and her Beloved Krishna; and a rousing rendition of Hooyiar’s song “Salaam Salaam Bhauji” by Zahra Ghazi with daf drum, with all joining in.

The final musical contributions were robust and full-hearted beautiful bhajans and heart-touching ghazals with words by Bhau sung by Ahmednagar and Arangaon Centre bhajan parties with harmonium and tabla: led by marvelous vocalists Deepak Thade, Madhukar Dadar, Ashok Ambulkar, and Sruti Mulay, along with Prem Jat of Meherabad, Madhav Kamble of Arangaon and one more Ahmednagar singer with Arangaon party.

Shridhar Kelkar offered some words in Hindi about Bhauji; Babadas, who was born and raised as a servant in the Trust Compound, told a heartfelt story of love and inner revelation in Marathi, and Mehernath Kalchuri followed with a short talk in Hindi which included stories about Baba teaching/inspiring Bhau to write ghazals at night in His room, of Baba’s last days, “Yad Rakh,” and the profound meaning of “I am not this body,” and Bhau’s monumental efforts to obey Baba and research, write and publish Baba’s biography Lord Meher and the biography in verse, Meher Darshan.

The program concluded with the Hindi arti with words by Bhau, “Adi Sachaytana” and a Dhun (singing repetition of Meher Baba’s name.)

All were invited to have dinner in the courtyard of the Compound, and a joyful time was had by all. In the Centre, a video of a lively talk by Bhauji in USA in 1998 was shown during the festivities outside – many children, and a few others, came to sit and watch! Salaam, Salaam Bhauji!

Zahra (Queen of Iran) and Joanna (Mother P 4) succeeded in webcasting the event – we heard from several people worldwide that they were able to enjoy the program at home – Jai Ho! Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!