Baba Family Chat Xscript – 28 Aug 16

Sunday, 28th August, 2016
With Guest Anna Khandale
(Presented here as there were major Internet problems during last week’s Chat.)

I lived in Wardha, which had one of the biggest Meher Baba centres in all of India at that time. Wardha is a small district place, but the atmosphere was such that even if people did not know who Avatar Meher Baba was, they would still come to attend gatherings and Sahavas. The crowds numbered more than 3000 people.

Baba said, “My Manifestation will be the greatest in the entire world.”

So He created all of this because of Himself. To know Himself, He wants to manifest. Just compare the current situation with the time of Ram and Krishna. Then they did not have the word spread as it is being done now in Baba’s Advent.

God’s Universal Body is really, really horrible, truly frightening. When Lord Krishna showed it to Arjuna, Arjuna saw gory heads and bodies covered with blood. He saw in Krishna’s Universal Body many, many forms. There were bellies, mouths, and eyes-expanded without limit. Then Arjuna came to realize the Divinity of the Lord.

But this time the Avatar’s Manifestation is greater still. It is the Greatest! All these religions we have in the world claim there is but One God, and I am that Father. These are so called lecturers who tour around India speaking about Creation. They are all reading Meher Baba’s work, God Speaks. And many now quote Baba in India as declaring, “I Am God”.

Now I (Anna) am translating God Speaks into Marathi. Baba reminds us, “Remember this is all Illusion. When you get God Realization, you feel like you are breaking the walls of a prison and escaping the feeling of being encaged. And that is only the mind. When God wanted to know Himself, then mind started working, and that was the beginning of world in Illusion.”

Our limited understanding is “Who Am I?” but actually Creation was just a “Whim… OOOMMM!”

Then that Whim turned into gases and galaxies, stars and planets. Next the earth came, but there were millions and billions of years before we came as man.

Then that Whim turned into gases and galaxies, stars and planets. Next the earth came, but there were millions and billions of years before we came as man.

Then Meher Baba explains a wonderful thing. He says that Creation has come about to produce the human form, because God can only realize Himself in human form. That is why He took human form. There was no word at that time. There was no language. There was only a poised, tranquil ocean. And out of that stillness, the Whim came out.

How can one know itself without a second?

Take light, it can only realize itself by comparison with darkness. Then light can identify itself.

The whole of Creation is in duality. We can’t have one without the second. Creation is dependent upon opposites.

Meher Baba is the Eternal One, the Ancient One.

A fourth plane yogi can produce planets and stars, but that is all in the realm of imagination, because all of this Creation is not real. The whole of Creation doesn’t exist for you, because Creation is in imagination. The Perfect Masters and God-Realized souls are there.

There are three attributes of God: 1) Infinite Knowledge, 2) Infinite Power and 3) Infinite Bliss.

“Those who have not seen me physically have my contact this time,” Meher Baba said, “because they had physical contact before.”

Many times Baba said , “When I was Ram, I had contact with so and so.”

Ram travelled far from Ayodhya in search of His wife, Sita. It was a great drama.

In 1958 Nana Ker came to Meherabad. After Nana’s cremation I (Anna Khandale) stayed in Meherabad to do Dharamshala duty for one week. We boarded the bus to Meherazad, but Jal grabbed me and asked if I would help.

I was not mentally prepared to stay here, but then after a week I went to Eruch to ask about this.

“It is your fortune that we are offering this work to you.” he said. He then asked, “Why are you not coming? You will not get this opportunity again.”

And I said, “Yes I am coming.”

And then I started Samadhi duty.”

Seven years I did Samadhi duty alone, then I fell sick. Afterwards, Hanspal took over Samadhi duty. After seven more years passed, it was Gaikwad who took over Samadhi duty.

I used to keep a tape recorder at Samadhi, because there were no singers in those early days. So I would play the tape recorder during Arti times at Samadhi.

In the early days, Amartithi was four days. Then because of a shortage of water, then they cut it short back for three days. They were all pure Baba lovers at that time.

Today is a different time. Those early Baba lovers really loved Him. Then right from the day that Baba dropped the body, Mansari was there to care for Samadhi. Nana Ker came within one year. Jalu and Gulu were also living there on the Hill in their quarters behind Samadhi in the same building as Baba’s cage room. Mansari also lived on the Meherabad Hill and tended to her duties.

Anna stopped the Chat discussion so that he could go to Samadhi for Arti. We all went outside to see him off. Just outside we saw an extraordinarily beautiful rainbow arched over Zahra’s house. It enveloped the house with Baba’s love. Half was visible from one side and the other half visible from the other side of Zahra’s house. We all felt Baba was very, very happy with the Chat.

Technology did not cooperate, but we soldiered on. Our Beloved never did care about results, did He?…just all our effort and focus on Him.