Baba Family Chat Xscript – 4 Sep 16

Family Chat Xscript

Last week (4 Sep 16) our guest was Anna Khandale who graciously agreed to return to our WWBFM chat one week after we had a total internet blackout shut down the chat.

In 1958 Nana Ker came to Meherabad. After Nana’s cremation Anna Khandale stayed in Meherabad to do Dharamshala duty for one week. “We boarded the bus to Meherazad, but Jal grabbed me and asked if I would help. I was not mentally prepared to stay here, but then after a week I went to Eruch to ask about this.”

“It is your fortune that we are offering this work to you.” he said. He then asked, “Why are you not coming? You will not get this opportunity again.”

And I said, “Yes I am coming.”

“And then I started Samadhi duty. Seven years I did Samadhi duty alone, then I fell sick. Afterwards, Hanspal took over Samadhi duty. After seven more years passed, it was Gaikwad who took over Samadhi duty.”

In those early years, “I used to keep a tape recorder at Samadhi, because there were no singers in those early days. So I would play the tape recorder during Arti times at Samadhi.”

“The early Amartithi programmes lasted four days. Then because of a shortage of water, then they cut it short, back to three days. They were all pure Baba lovers at that time. Today is a different time. Those early Baba lovers really loved Him. Then right from the day that Baba dropped the body, Mansari was there to care for Samadhi. Nana Ker came within one year. Jalu and Gulu were also living there on the Hill in their quarters behind Samadhi in the same building as Baba’s cage room. Mansari also lived on the Meherabad Hill and tended to her duties.”

Anna gave us a heartfelt perspective of how he balances following the rules of the Trust while at the same time somewhat bending those rules to accommodate the unbridled enthusiastic expression of love for Beloved Baba from some who come to His Samadhi.

Anna Khandale told of his rich memories meeting with a Mast who made others remain at a distance while Anna was allowed to soak in the rich tapestry of love which was that intoxicated soul.