Baba Family Chat Xscript – 8 Oct 16

Last Sunday ((8 Oct 16 -vshr)), Meherina of Slovenia was our special guest. (She has requested us to use only this nickname, given to her by Mani.) Meherina touched us deeply with her quiet profound reflections and conviction, and her sweet stories of her special friendships with Beloved Baba and dear Mani, Eruch, Goher, Bhau and other Mandali, and Mast Mohammed.

She told us of her Christian upbringing, and her disillusionment with the church and religion when, as a young child, she was made to feel so guilty for stealing marmalade from a jar. A priest told her she might die for that!

After some study of meditation and “awakening” techniques, Meher Baba made Himself known to her first in a dream. Three months later Jimmy D showed her a copy of God Speaks. The image of Baba on the cover was the same as in her dream – but she said something to the effect of, “I did not need to see the photo, I was already His, I knew Him, He knew me.” It was 1990, and she felt “we must go to Baba.” A group of eight people from Yugoslavia, including Jimmy, Meherina, our dear Meherabad nurse Radha, dear late Magda and others, made their pilgrimage to India.

A very sweet incident on their arrival opened Meherina’s heart completely to Meher Baba: when the group of pilgrims entered Samadhi, they began to hear the haunting sounds of a Slovenian melody played on accordion. There seemed to be no one there, yet they all heard it – and even dear Nana Kher who embraced them each with “Welcome Home,” heard it. They all began to cry, realizing that Beloved Baba was indeed welcoming them Home.

She spoke of the lack of translations of Meher Baba’s books in the Slovenian language. She is not able to translate herself – and young people don’t learn the language now. She said that Jimmy D had promised Mani to make translations in this language, but did not do so – and afterwards drifted away from Baba. By His Grace, Radha and her team have completed and distributed translations of some of Baba’s books into Serbo-Croatian.

In conclusion, Meherina shared, “I love silence, because everything is happening in silence, not in speech. I cannot say this in words – how He loves me, how I love Him. All the answers in your life come to you in silence.”

Thank you, dear Meherina, for sharing your precious stories and your deep love for our Beloved and His Circle.

(The transcriber apologises for any errors or misunderstanding – please send corrections, if you wish.)