Baba Family Meeting Summary – 11 Dec 16

Hassan Selisik of Istanbul, Turkey told his fascinating and touching story of coming to Meher Baba – with a cast of loving “characters” that included his dear sister, Cheetham; a dean of a university in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Hassan himself pondering his vivid experience of an inner voice as he gazed at the night sky over a black Mediterranean sea; a transcendental meditation teacher; Kitty Davy in Myrtle Beach; a mysterious mother and son in Poland who received a telegram from Baba before the Second World War; the elderly Yvonne Antoni of France; Don Stevens of Paris; and a group of college students in Marseilles who gathered around Yvonne to learn of Meher Baba, some of whom eventually came to India in 1980.

We had wonderful Skype sessions with Charlie Morton in El Salvador, Shiva in London, UK (Happy, Happy Birthday Shiva!) and our dear family in Dubai – Mattu, Anaika, and their daughter.