Baba Family Meeting Summary – 13 Nov 16

On Sunday, 13th November, we had the delightful opportunity to hear Shridhar Kelkar relate many more touching and fascinating stories about both Upasni Maharaj at Sakori and Dahigaon, and Meher Baba at Bombay, Sakori, Meherabad and Nasik, and about their early circles of followers there.

Shridhar heard most of these stories first hand from his mother-in-law, Dina Talati, and wife, Perviz, which gave the stories a very intimate and immediate flavour.

Several of our Skype regulars had loving and lively exchanges with Shridhar, including Charlie M. from El Salvador (Talk-and-Talk), Norman A. (Habib #1) from Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, and Gopal from Cary, North Carolina. Shridhar helped to translate the lyrics to a beautiful Hindi song that Gopal offered us from across the world.

We also had participants from UK, Scotland and India. We are very grateful to Shridhar for giving us this time amidst his busy schedule – and we hope for a “Part 3” sometime in the near future!